Pressure Cooker Film Review – Honest and Inspirational

Verdict: A perfect amalgamation of entertainment and thought provoking.

The US-returned brothers Sujoi and Sushil ventured to movie making with this movie titled Pressure Cooker and have donned the director’s hat as well. They have hit the target by choosing the right movie to fulfil their goal of filmmaking.

What’s Pressure Cooker About:

Kishore (Sai Ronak) is an engineering graduate who is passionate about machines. Right from his childhood, his dad (Narasimha Rao) wants him to make a career in the US. He is so obsessed that he teaches his child about the states in the USA rather than the ones in India. Kishore is ridden by hard luck where his visa gets rejected numerous times. He meets Anitha (Preethi Asrani), an artist, and they both eventually fall in love. Anitha is an only daughter to her parents and she doesn’t have any US dreams. Tech savvy Kishore finally gets a dream job with a product company and becomes a partner. His technical finesse lands him a Green Card to the US. Will he fulfil his dad’s lifetime cherished dream or will he stay back to win his lover’s heart?

What Works:

The main strength of Pressure Cooker is its subtle and honest writing that doesn’t deviate from its intent to carry the right message. It is Sai Ronak’s show from scene one and his screen presence is impressive. He is a bundle of talent and if he continues doing the same, he will be the one to watch out for. Preeti Asrani is equally good and in fact, dominated Sai Ronak in a couple of scenes. Their on-screen chemistry sets the screen ablaze on several occasions and their act never seems like they are just a few films old. Rahul Ramakrishna and Rajai Rowan have effectively used comedy for relief. The director duo, Sujoi and Sushil, has intelligently balanced the mood of the film by infusing comedy at the right situation. Sujoi and Sushil’s debut directorial and production venture never seems like they are doing it for the first time. Their writing is handled commendably and the narration is honest. While there are necessary elements like romance, humour and relationships, the movie has an underlying message that makes you stand up and notice. This is where Sujoi and Sushil stand out and they will be looked up to by the industry folks. Sunil Kashyap’s and Rahul Sipligunj’s music album hits the right tone. Among the album, Gamaninchindhi and Rar Kodaka songs will melt your hearts. Nagesh Banell and Anith Madadi’s cinematography is a visual feast and Naresh Reddy Jonna’s editing is sharp. The makers have not compromised on the production and every penny spent is visible on screen.

What Could’ve Been Better:

There is literally nothing that could have been better. Watch this perfect entertainer with zero second thoughts.

Why You Should Watch:

Pressure Cooker is a feel-good entertainer that has an honest message about career choices and family emotions. While the concept is new and the message is thought provoking, it is laced with good, entertaining elements and showcases the difficulties faced by today’s youth in choosing their careers wisely. We highly recommend this one for its honest message showcased in an entertaining way.

Ajay Mudunuri: Tollywood fanatic, writer, critic.