Verdict: Subbu Vedula’s Raahu is a genre-bending flick.

Software-engineer-turned-director Subbu Vedula is making his debut directorial with a new-age thriller titled Raahu. Starring Hippi fame Kriti Garg and Hora Hori fame Abhiram Varma in lead roles, Raahu also has director Subbu Vedula playing a role along with Satyam Rajesh, Kalakeya Prabhakar, Giridhar, Chalaki Chanti and Swapnika. The cinematography is handled by Suresh Ragutu and Eshwar Yellumahanthi while the music is composed by Praveen Lakaraju. With Zee acquiring the satellite rights and Suresh Productions distributing it, this medium-budget movie was able to garner some buzz. Let’s see what the touted new-age thriller has to offer viewers watching it.

What’s Raahu About:

The ACP’s (Subbu Vedula) daughter Bhanu (Kirthi Garg) falls in love with Sesh (Abiram Varma) during a tour to Sikkim. Her father does not allow the marriage on the pretext that their horoscopes do not match. Despite his warning that they could die if they married, Bhanu and Seshu elope. After some time, Bhanu decides to confess to her father about her marriage that is he unaware of. However, she gets kidnapped on the same day. She also has a rare disorder of turning blind every time she sees blood. How she escapes the kidnapper and his real intentions form the rest of the movie’s plot.

What Works:

The story of Raahu is a metaphor, unlike the theory of celestial bodies or astrology. Though Subbu Vedula is a novice to the movie industry, he never seems one. He succeeds in telling the story in the most intriguing way and that is what matters for any thriller. Kriti Garg gives her best in the docile character she portrays. She is full of life and fits the bill well. Abhiram Varma plays his part well and ups the act when compared to his previous flicks. The rest of the artists are apt in the roles they enact. Director Subbu is technically brilliant and his prowess comes to limelight in the way he shoots in tones that are desaturated. Although made on a limited budget, Suresh and Eshwar’s visuals never take the backseat. Praveen Lakkaraju’s music and background score are soul stirring and effectively simulate the tone of the movie. With the director being the producer as well, he never compromises on the technical aspects of the movie.

What Could’ve Been Better:

For any low-budget movie, it is important to bring audience to theatres. Although Raahu is well-made and stays true to its concept, one has to wait and watch if it has been publicized properly to make noise in the box office.

Why You Should Watch:

Raahu has a unique concept that has never been witnessed before in Telugu cinema. It is not the regular run-of-the-mill film and the viewers are in for a refreshing experience. For those who embrace novel concepts, Raahu is sure to strike the chord.