Verdict: Authentic mind games that hit the bull’s eye!

Three flicks in a span of three months for Nara Rohith is itself an achievement, where it is difficult for most to bag even one film a year as a protagonist. And when we have Taraka Ratna playing the main antagonist, it raises enough curiosity among the audience. Let’s see how the debutante director Pradeep Chilukuri managed to get the lethal combination into play and what he has in stores for the viewer.

Movie starts with establishing the character of Vijay Manick (Taraka Ratna), who is a ruthless murderer beyond one’s imagination. Raja Ram (Nara Rohith) is an upcoming director who wants to direct an action movie with a strong protagonist. He falls in love at first sight with Chaitra (Isha Talwar) and wins her heart gradually.

A murder attempt is carried against Manick by two masked people, where one manages to run away and the other gets caught but he kills himself. After this incidence, Manick turns to more barbaric ways and a search operation is carried out by his men for the one who escaped.

The main story is revealed in the later half, when Chaitra talks about her past to Raja Ram. Why did Chaitra accept Raja Ram? What is the connection between Chaitra, Manick and Raja Ram? Who convinced Raja Ram to go against Manick? To know all these answers, block two hours of your time at a theater near you for this weekend.

Nara Rohith is perfect in the role of Raja Ram and has delivered an easy and a good performance. Taraka Ratna as Vijay Manick is a major highlight of this movie. Extreme care has been taken to sketch his character right from his hairdo and his life style to look as threatening as possible. Isha Talwar as Chaitra is okay. Shivaji Raja as Shivaji is good in the role of a police officer. It was nice to see Soundarya playing Chaitra’s mother and Srihari as Subash’s late father (in different photo frames!). Rajeev Kanakala, who played Chaitra’s father, did a great job in a short role. Shashank, who played the role of Subash, did a good job as a police officer. The rest of the cast also were convincing.

Debutante Pradeep Chilukuri needs to be commended for getting the combination of Nara Rohith and Taraka Ratna and executing it to near finesse. Sai Karthik has done a good job with music. The song Chinaari Thalli definitely stands out. Sai Korrapati’s production values are extraordinary.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Some combinations are rare and come once in a life time. If you don’t want to miss it, then this one is for you. Overall, a slick stylish action entertainer that is worth every penny.

— By Ajay Mudunuri