Rendu Rellu Aaru: Film Review – A Cute Love Story

Verdict: A novel story filled with heart touching moments.

With most of the newcomers at the helm of affairs, Rendu Rellu Aaru released today. Debutante Nandu Mallela has given the story, screenplay and direction. Produced by Pradeep Chandran and A. Mohan, it stars all newcomers in lead roles. Anil and Mahima make their debut as lead pair and are supported by Aishwarya Gorak in a smaller role. It also stars Naresh, Ravi Kale and Thagubothu Ramesh in prominent roles. Rendu Rellu Aaru has created a decent buzz in trade for the reason that Sai Korrapati has come forward to present this movie under Vaarahi Chalana Chitra banner. Let’s see what is in store for the viewer.

Two couples give birth to a baby boy and a baby girl at the same time in the same hospital. Ironically, both children seem to suffer from a similar heart problem. The doctor informs each of the child’s fathers separately that their children will not live for more than 21 years. Both the fathers are shattered and don’t know what to do. In the meanwhile, a conversation starts between them and that will lead to exchanging their kids without revealing the problem of their children. This decision of the two fathers affects the lives of six people which forms the rest of the story.

Anil, in the role of Maddie, gives a decent performance as it is his first movie. The same goes for Mahima who enacted the role of Maggie. The chemistry between the lead pair reminds one of a yester year's classic Nuvve Kavali. However, there is a huge scope for improvement in acting skills. Aishwarya Gorak is seen in a short role and is ok. Naresh and Ravi Kale are seen throughout the movie and the story revolves around them from the first scene to the climax. They did an excellent job. Thagubothu Ramesh enacted the role of Soumitra and is seen in the second half. He excelled in comedy. The rest of the cast was apt in their roles.

Nandu Mallela succeeded in getting a novel story and a decent screenplay. But his direction could have been better. Photography by Amarnath Reddy is average and music by Vijay Bulganin is good. Dialogues by Raja Sekhar work and editing by Janaki Rama Rao is crisp. Production values could have been better.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Though it is a small budget movie with almost all new faces and new technicians, they were able to nurture a product which does not have any boring moments. You may watch this movie for the novel story line and flawless execution.

– By Ajay Mudunuri