Verdict: Bag full of gags!

Touted to be a fast-paced comedy, Silly Fellows has been helmed by Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao, the only director with the most number of remakes and high success rate. He has brought in Sunil and Allari Naresh together this time and the project has been bankrolled by Blue Planet Entertainments in association with People Media Factory. Releasing amidst a myriad of movies today, let’s see what Silly Fellows has in the offering.

What’s Silly Fellows About:

Jacket Janakiram (Jayaprakash Reddy) is a local MLA who holds mass weddings. Veerababu (Allari Naresh) is a tailor and Janakiram’s close aide. He has a girlfriend named Vasanthi (Chitra Shukla). The MLA assigns Veerababu to arrange couples for mass weddings. Suribabu (Sunil) is the friend of Veerababu and is asked to act as a stand-in groom for a few minutes when he falls short of a guy. Though he has a girlfriend named Krishnaveni (Poorna), he accidentally gets married to Pushpa (Nandini Rai), who is a dancer. However, both Suribabu and Veerababu get entangled in an embarrassing situation. Now they have to find a way to get out of the mess and marry their respective girlfriends.

What Works:

Silly Fellows is a rib-tickling comedy entertainer with wacky jokes and fantastic one-liners. Sunil is back with what he does best. His faultless comic timing coupled with Allari Naresh’s hilarious act makes Silly Fellows a clear winner at the box office. It is good to see Allari Naresh and Sunil in the same frame doling out the craziest and funniest scenes that leave the audience in splits. Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao, the master of remakes, has proven himself right yet again with Silly Fellows. His good judgment in choosing his scripts as well as its execution is evident this time as well. Though the original version, Velainnu Vandhutta Vellakaran, is projected as a solo hero movie, Bhimaneni has intelligently tweaked it as a multi-starrer in its Telugu version without hampering its soul. Chitra Shukla and Poorna fit the bill well. Jayaprakash Reddy is fantastic and will crack you up with his antics. Nandini Rai, Posani Krishna Murali, Jayaprakash Reddy, Jhansi, and Brahmanandam are good as is the rest of the cast. Sri Vasanth’s music and Anish Tharun Kumar’s visuals have added value to the movie. The editing is neat and the production values are good.

What Could Have Been Better:

This is a “keep your brains at home” kind of a comedy. Don’t try to find logic and you’re sure to have fun.

Why You Should Watch:

Silly Fellows is a madcap entertainer pulled with aplomb and will leave you rolling in laughter. Book your tickets for the weekend.