Srimanthudu: Film Review – Mahesh Babu delivers!

A taut script, an engaging story and the fantastic Mahesh Babu– these are the best elements of director Koratala Siva’s film – Srimanthudu. Films that deliver social messages are often preachy and loud, but that’s not the case with Srimanthudu. The director tries to educate the viewer without making it seem like a moral science lesson. The film teaches us about family bonds, and love for the native place. This, mixed with superb stunt scenes and some good music, make it a worthy watch. Despite the lengthy run-time, the director succeeds in leaving his audience with a message without boring them. He stresses on the importance of being aware of where you come from, and not taking the comforts of city life for granted.

His previous film Mirchi was filled with blood and gore, but Srimanthudu works quite well without it. The crisp and neatly choreographed action sequences are noteworthy. The fight sequence that takes place at a wedding is shot well, and also has an element of humor in it. The director uses the tested trope of transformation-in-a-song, which is a part of all Rajinikanth films, to show the hero reaching his goal. We’ve grown up watching this but still no complaints from us, as this works quite well for the film. The scenes shot inside the hero’s million-dollar home look like they’ve been shot in the lobby of a 7-star hotel. And perhaps to go with this set, the members of his household are always dressed like they are ready to go for a wedding. Looking rich is one thing, but looking red carpet-ready at all times is something else! We wish the costumes had been a little more realistic.

Mahesh Babu’s screen presence and witty one-liners make us love his character, and also make us want to be like him. He charms his way into our hearts. His casual demeanor during stunt scenes and commanding body language make him a true ‘hero’. The scene in which he expresses his displeasure about taking over his father’s company is powerful, without having too many dialogues or punchlines. 
Jagapati Babu plays the role of Mahesh Babu’s father with ease. It’s nice to see him in a positive role, after the negative roles he’s done in his recent films. His performance in the flashback sequences is noteworthy. Rajendra Prasad delivers a good performance as the helpless villager. Shruti Haasan‘s role is quite different. She doesn’t appear as the usual ‘cute & bubbly’ heroine, but actually adds value to the film.
Madhi‘s cinematography is top notch, and adds to the slick quality of the film. The visuals are pleasing to the eye, and the slo-mo shots add pulse to the film. Devi Sri Prasad’s tunes are peppy. The title track and background score are perfect for the film, without being too loud. The film might remind you of Shah Rukh Khan’s Swades, but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying the film. The only drawback of the film is its length, and a few logical loopholes. For instance, is it that easy to attack a home minister? It made us wonder. Still, these few flaws should not keep anyone away from the cinemas.
Why you should watch this film:
Mahesh Babu is one big reason why you should watch this film! His charming screen presence and Koratala Siva’s brilliant direction make Srimanthudu the perfect watch for this weekend. The film also stands out for being a ‘masala‘ entertainer without any vulgar scenes and songs – quite refreshing!