Verdict: Godavari and its people portrayed in the most beautiful way.

Sriramudinta Srikrishnudanta is a small budget family entertainer directed by Naresh Penta, who is also the music director for this flick. Produced by K.N. Rao, this marks the debut for the lead pair Sekhar Varma and Deepthi Shetty. With no much-known faces, the producer has taken enough care to promote this movie across various platforms and bring it to the theaters. Such type of flicks need a very good word of mouth from an audience to sustain. Let’s see if they were able to get good marks from the viewers.

Gautham (Sekhar Varma) is an orphan and has grown up to be a software professional. Indu (Deepthi Shetty) is the only daughter of Rao (Madhusudhan Rao) who hails from a village in Godavari. She comes to Hyderabad in search of a job and ends up giving INR 2 lakh to Gautham who promises her a job. But she later realizes that she has been cheated and the software company has been shut down. She catches a bus to go to return to her native place and accidentally finds Gautham in the seat next to her. She takes him to her village and puts him before her dad. Gautham promises Rao that he will return their money by taking it from a friend who stays in a nearby village. Rao and Gautham go to meet that friend but find out that he is out of station for a marriage and will return in a week. Gautham stays at Rao’s place for a week and starts getting close to him and the people of the village. In this process, he starts liking Indu as well. Indu is engaged to Naidu's son, who is an NRI. What happens between Indu and Gautham? Will Gautham propose Indu and will she accept his love? The whole movie captures the emotional bonding between these characters and the beauty of the villages across Godavari is showcased in an excellent way.

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Sekhar Varma is decent in his debut movie and fits well in his character. Deepthi has also done a decent job and has a scope for improvement. The main soul of the movie is Madhusudhan Rao. He is excellent in the role of a village guy and his Godavari accent is perfect. Rest of the cast is adequate.

One has to appreciate director Naresh Penta for sticking to the roots and telling a beautiful story without adding any unnecessary commercial elements. Jayakrishna’s camera work is laudable for the way he captured the scenic beauty of Godavari. Though made with a shoe-string budget, the producers didn’t compromise on quality.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

If you want to witness the beauty of Godavari and its people, then this one is for you. It is a beautiful love story that has a soul.

– By Ajay Mudunuri