Temper begins at a very slow pace (with some very forgettable songs thrown in to spice up the mixture), held together as something remotely-entertaining, only by Junior NTR‘s performance. Playing the disgustingly dirty, far-too-self-confident, egoistic, and scarily-corrupted cop; Junior NTR manages to give you the creeps, the real creepy-creeps. Somehow, however, his character keeps you occupied… like a rash you want to itch, but can’t… it leaves you entertained, but also makes you hope that this characterization ends as soon as possible.

The first half of the movie makes you wonder if Puri Jagannadh has lost his ability to narrate a story. Characters are introduced at will, others ignored and other than fleshing-out Junior NTRs ‘character’, not much else is done. Kajal Aggarwal is the pretty heroine all male-oriented-hero-based-films love. She’s cute, ditsy (sometimes almost ridiculously so) and dresses unlike anyone from Vizag you’ve ever met!

Oh yes, we almost forgot. The film is set in Vizag (at least most of it) and so, this is one of those films which does Waltair’s beauty, quite the bit of justice. Be prepared for luxurious homes, refreshing backwaters, beautiful clean beaches and several sequences at the Vishakhapatnam Port. You’d be tempted to plan your next holiday in Vizag post this film. But then, there’s the twist.

Just when you begin to give up on the mediocrity of the film, Puri Jagannadh’s brilliance shines through. Before the interval and right through the second half of the movie, expect to be entertained! The laughs in this film are surprisingly few and to nobody’s surprise, the women in the film are either expected to be silly or pretty. So, yes, this isn’t path breaking cinema. We assume, it wasn’t meant to be. The story, post the interval, however… delivers!

This reviewer was moved to tears in certain scenes during the second half and Junior NTR needs to be lauded for having the singular ability to reach out to audiences, even while he screams his way through dialogues and behaves like a complete jerk. How someone as loving and sweet (as portrayed) as Kajal’s character falls for someone as vile as Junior NTRs character still leaves this reviewer confused. Is that the fantasy of all Seemandhra men? Behave like jerks and still manage to woo the pretty girl? Anyhoo, this is cinema. Reality checks (the weird sort) come to you quite often while watching films like these.

The second half is fast and is filled with lots of surprises. The theatricality of every scene, however, is something that only Telugu audiences can digest… especially die-hard Junior NTR fans. I will not reveal the plot of the film and ask you to go watch the film instead. The film might not be an award-winning attempt at anything, but it surely does have some great moments and entertains thoroughly (especially the second half). Most of the other characters are seriously underutilized. Why even bother getting an ensemble-cast filled with artistes like Kovai Sarala and Ramaprabha is something you will definitely want to ask Puri Jagannadh.

Why should you watch this film?

Purely for Junior NTR! This is how you make a hero-centric film. Everyone exists solely for the hero – to be loved, raped, beaten up and ridiculed or whatever else the hero pleases to do with them. Kajal Aggarwal is sweet. Period. Prakash Raj is his usual brilliant-self and manages to keep you amused, while Kota Srinivasa Rao does manage to make you giggle quite a bit. The title track is amazing and does manage to make you want to dance, but that’s about it. If that’s enough of a reason, then watch this one with your friends. This is definitely not a family entertainer.

By L Romal M Singh

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