Verdict: A decent movie that tends to be slightly sluggish!

Sree Vishnu is one actor who has been attempting movies of different genres and was able to get recognition of this own. Irrespective of the box-office status, his movies like Appatlo Okaddundevadu, Mental Madhilo, Needhi Naadhi Oke Katha and the recent release Brochevarevaru Raa have proven his versatility. Director Krishna Vijay of the Asura fame has yielded the megaphone while Rizwan Entertainment is the production house. Nikki Tamboli of the Kanchana 3 fame is playing the lead opposite Sree Vishnu and among the rest of the cast include Rohini in a prominent role.

What’s Thipparaa Meesam About:

Mani (Sree Vishnu) is a spoilt brat who works as a DJ in a night club and indulges in drugs. He doesn’t get along with his mother (Rohini) but never hesitates to ask for money whenever he needs it. He gets into a financial mess when he loses big money in cricket betting. When his mother helps him with a cheque of 5 lakhs, he forges it into 40 lakhs and drags her to court with a cheque bounce case. Will Mani change and realize his misdeeds towards his mother?

What Works:

Sree Vishnu has never attempted this layer of character in his career and has come out with flying colours. With every movie of his, there seems to be a tremendous improvement in his acting skills. Sree Vishnu’s character in Thipparaa Meesam has a good scope for performance and he has successfully gotten into the skin of it. If there is any other character that has overshadowed Sree Vishnu, it is Rohini, who has played the role of his mother with elan. Time and again, Rohini has proven her excellence, especially in matronly roles, and Thipparaa Meesam will remain one of her best performances to be remembered in her career. Nikki Tamboli was okay as the police trainee. Krishna Vijay should be appreciated for coming up with a script that has a good emotional balance. However, the narration could have been much crisper to make it an interesting watch. Suresh Bobbili’s music and background score gel well with the film’s flavour and the cinematography is at its best. Given the budget of the movie, it stands up to its values.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Thipparaa Meesam moves pretty slowly and is a bit lengthy, which might make the audience restless places. While the movie is high on sentiment, the entertainment factor seems low.

Why You Should Watch:

The mother-son relationship has been showcased beautifully in the movie. Sree Vishnu gives a riveting performance and Rohini holds her ground firmly in the role of the mother. Overall, Thipparaa Meesam is a stylish crime drama with an intriguing climax, which is a big plus.