Verdict: Edge of the seat thriller that keeps you guessing.

Venkatapuram, starring Rahul Haridas and Mahima Makwana in the lead roles, is directed by Venu Madikanti. Though Rahul aka Tyson of Happy days fame had no notable hit after his debut movie, there is a good buzz among trade circles surrounding this flick. Trailers and pre-release events of this movie created decent expectations among the audience. It raised the expectation after director Maruthi’s Good Cinema Group got involved in this project at the later stage. Let’s see if Venkatapuram gives Rahul the much-needed break.

The movie opens with a girl being raped at a remote area of Bheemili beach by a group of three men. It then shifts to the protagonist Rahul (Anand) buying a weapon from a trader. He then gets drunk and goes to Bheemili beach with the weapon. Here the camera angle shows that Rahul has moved the weapon to stab someone but does not show whom. The movie then cuts to a body found packed in a bag with the same weapon that Anand used. The police think that they solved a missing woman's case, named Chaitra (Mahima Makwana), through this murder. The movie runs in a flashback mode and we see Anand working as a pizza delivery boy and stays at a penthouse of the same apartment where Chaitra stays. They happen to meet each other and gradually fall in love. Anything more than this will be a spoiler as the audience gets glued to the edge of their seats with the twists and turns of this well-narrated suspense thriller.

Rahul has played his role to perfection. Be it his body language or the way he transformed his physique – it is just awesome. Venkatapuram will definitely be the much-needed break for Rahul after his debut flick Happy days. Mahima Makwana, who is famous for her work in television serials like Balika Vadhu, excelled in her role. She has ample scope for acting and has done full justice to her role. Ajay Ghosh as SI Durga Prasad at Venkatapuram police station plays a bad cop and is decent. Three guys who played the roles of dreaded drug addict youngsters play these roles to perfection.

All credit goes to Venu Madikanti for his brilliant direction and excellent execution. The way he has designed his screenplay is top notch.  Sai Prakash's cinematography and Achu Rajamani's music score added glitz and novelty to the brilliant direction. In all, a fantastic team effort.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Don't have any second thoughts about watching this movie. It will keep you glued to your seats right from the beginning till the end for sure. Go for it, you will not be disappointed.

-By Ajay Mudunuri