Verdict: A sentimental father-son saga.

Here comes one more hero from Mega family – Kalyaan Dhev, the son-in-law of Megastar Chiranjeevi. Though it is easy to get into the world of movies, it is talent that defines an artist’s future. If one goes back to history, Vijetha was one of the landmark movies in Chiranjeevi’s career and it is heartening to see Kalyaan Dhev making his debut in a movie with the same title. Usually, big directors are associated with the launch of a hero from the family of celebrities. Hence it was quite surprising when Rakesh Sashii, who has directed Jatha Kalise, was roped in for directing Kalyaan Dhev’s debut film.

What’s Vijetha About:

Srinivasa Rao (Murli Sharma) is passionate towards photography but cannot pursue it as a career due to his obligations towards his family. Ram (Kalyaan Dhev) is Srinivasa Rao’s son and is pampered. Though an engineering graduate, he fails to get a decent job. Ram and his friends decide to start a small business titled “Local Boyz – Surprise Planners”. The concept of the business is to surprise the loved ones with innovative ideas. However, their first trial backfires and leaves them in an embarrassing situation. Struck with grief, Srinivasa Rao gets a mild heart attack. How Ram brings back his business to track and makes his father proud forms the rest of Vijetha.

What Works:

Kalyaan Dhev starts off his career with a safe bet in the form of Vijetha, a quintessential coming-of-age story. Rakesh Sashi’s writing is exemplary and is backed with some power-packed performances. Harshvardhan Raj’s music is good and all the songs are catchy; especially the song Kokkaroko. Senthil Kumar, the cinematographer of the Baahubali series, has done a decent job for this flick. Malavika Nair is good in the role of Jaithra, Kalyaan Dhev’s on-screen love interest. Nassar is decent as Raghunath, as a renowned photographer. Rest of the cast is apt and convincing.

What Could Have Been Better:

Though Vijetha is a decent movie with nice sentiments, the narration seems to be a bit rushed.

Why You Should Watch:

Vijetha can be watched for the beautiful relationship portrayed in the film between a father and a son.

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