Verdict: Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu show all the way. 

The film or Virus stars Sampoornesh Babu, Geeth Shah and Nidhi Shah in lead roles. It also stars Venella Kishore, Chamak Chandra and Viva Harsha in prominent roles. Virus is written and directed by S.R.Krishna and produced by Saleem M.D and Srinivas Vangala under the banner ASN Films and Just Entertainments Creation. This is Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu’s third movie as a lead hero after Hridhaya Kaleyam and Singham 123. Without any movie background or godfathers in the industry, Sampoornesh Babu has made a mark for himself and is very popular in social media. Let’s see what experiments he got to do in

Kittu (Sampoornesh Babu) is a network operator who is on a mission to find the actual facts behind a murder mystery of Ananya (Nidhi Shah). Being a crime suspense thriller, anything more than that will be a spoiler. The movie is all about the mind games used by Kittu to solve the murder mystery. It ends with a very hard message from Kittu to the society and Film Review - BookMyShowSampoornesh Babu is back with what he does the best. There is an improvement in his dialogue delivery and comedy timing. His dance movements need special mention. He succeeded in getting all the emotions right and didn’t disappoint the audience. He excelled in both the roles as a network operator and pizza delivery boy that comes in the later half as a flashback episode. Geeth Shah is glamorous and played the main lead. Nidhi Shah is seen in the second half as an NGO organizer and played her part well. Though a short role, her character is very important to the story of this movie. Venella Kishore is again a surprise package. Champak Chandra and Viva Harsha added more comedy quotient along with Sampoornesh. There is nothing much to rave about the rest of the cast.

S.R.Krishna's story is decent and the direction is good. His screenplay could have been better. When you deal with a crime suspense comedy subject, it has to be engaging with a gripping screenplay. The music and background score by MeenakshiBhujang and Sunil Kashyap is ordinary. Sampoo’s dance movements helped all the songs be entertaining. Run time with just over two hours helps the movie. Editing by Marthand K Venkatesh is good. Cinematography by Vj. Ma should have been better. Production values are mediocre.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

You may watch this movie if you are interested in Sampoornesh Babu style of comedy. He has tried his best to recreate the magic of Hridhaya Kaleyam and has come out partially successful. You can watch it for its humor quotient and a relevant message.

By Ajay Mudunuri