No, this isn’t a movie about Rock-paper-scissors, the popular hand game we all play. Shreela Chakrabartty’s Rock, Paper, Dice, Enter is an Indo-Canadian suspense thriller.

Welcome to the fictitious city of Starthaven. A city with dark alleys and a sense of foreboding. Enter a mysterious man named Roman (played by Kash Gauni), who hacks into the security protocol of Starthaven. His sole ideal is to bring security and peace to the world by intercepting a diamond-heist. If you are still wondering what exactly Rock Paper Dice Enter is, here it is – Rock stands for Diamonds, Paper for Information, Dice for Chance and Enter for Technology.

Rock Paper Dice Enter is definitely not a regular diamond-heist thriller movie.



Independent filmmakers Shreela Chakrabartty and Kash Gauni genuinely tried to make an unique suspense-thriller, however a lot of aspects of the film were left barren. Usually, when we watch a suspense-thriller film there exists tension, drama and a constant urge to know the truth. The Indo-Canadian Suspense-Thriller Rock, Paper, Dice, Enter failed to bring out that emotion.

Poor dialogue delivery and poor acting made the film a major disappointment. Lee (played by Richard Lee), Roman’s partner-in-crime kept on repeating, "you always surprise me bro," after every twenty minutes. What made the film even more uncomfortable to watch is the background music, which was terribly loud at some parts and made the dialogues inaudible. We were certainly expecting a lot more by the world-renowned Mandolin player Snehashish Mozumder who composed the music for the film. Although, the writers surely had a good motive in bringing out topics like peace using principles of power, chance, information and randomness, this script failed to impress because it was rather obtuse.

Why watch the film?
Even though Shreela Chakrabartty’s Rock Paper Dice Enter isn’t exactly a psychological mind-bender, it is a brave attempt by the lady. Watch it for the fresh take on peace issues without the usual blood and gore.

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