Verdict: Taron Egerton plays the music man to perfection in this surrealistic biopic.

Named after one of Elton John‘s hit songs, Rocketman is a biopic that has taken many years to be made and it has finally been crafted under the direction of Dexter Fletcher. The film shows how he rose to fame and doesn’t shy away from the bad parts that came along with it.

What’s Rocketman About:

Reginald Dwight (Taron Egerton) had a flair for coaxing music from a piano from an early age, which gets him a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music. When he discovers rock and roll, he falls in love with it and dreams of becoming a star. He changes his name to Elton John, meets songwriter Bernie Taupin (Jamie Bell) with whom he has an instant connection, and soon becomes a musical sensation that leads him down a path of glamor, sex, drugs, and self-discovery.

What Works:

There’s little doubt that Taron Egerton is the star of the film and he has your attention from the first scene to the last. Egerton’s charismatic performance as Elton John keeps you engaged through not only the ups and downs of the rockstar’s life but also through the personal moments in Rocketman. It’s quite possibly his best performance yet as he sheds the Kingsman suits for Elton’s magnificently outrageous costumes and transforms into a showman that crowds swoon over. Even in the darkest moments where we see John’s addiction, family troubles, and relationship problems surface, Taron Egerton’s performance is compelling.

The spotlight isn’t simply on Elton’s life but also how he developed a close relationship with Bernie Taupin, who is fantastically played by Jamie Bell. The film shows how their legendary collaboration began and evolved over the years. It also shows Elton’s involvement with John Reid (Richard Madden) who first becomes Elton’s lover and later, manager. Madden’s performance keeps you guessing about his true intentions and he contrasts Egerton’s wild energy with a calmer screen presence.

The performances by younger Elton Johns – Matthew Illesley and Kit Connor – are also impressive. Bryce Dallas Howard is convincing as the heartless mother and Steven Mackintosh as his equally uncaring father.

The music in Rocketman isn’t merely limited to Elton John performing the songs, but instead become a part of the narration. It’s less like Bohemian Rhapsody and more like La La Land as songs break out at any moment and you can expect to hear the other characters sing along. There’s magic in the music and you’ll be enchanted.

What Could’ve Been Better:

While the film is done well, the ending feels a bit abrupt. There are also scenes that blur the lines between reality and fantasy, which might be over-the-top for some, so don’t expect a straight-forward narrative.

Why You Should Watch:

Rocketman is a worthy Elton John biopic that the fans will love but it’s also equally entertaining for those who don’t know much about him. It has a frenzied energy that will have you wanting more. Rocketman is a must-watch for its novelty. It doesn’t take the usual biopic approach and instead aims to do something greater – and succeeds.

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