Run is a seven-minute short film by Thea Gajic. It is nothing like the usual short films that you see. Most films depend heavily on a story line, and you would think rightly so. How can a film work if it has a weak story, right? 


Thea Gajic's Run, though proves that an idea is more important than the story. And what is even more important is the way it is presented. Run is a film without much of a story line. What it has though is a strong voice and a clear idea; an idea that the film is able to present and deliver exceptionally well. Within the short film format, there are many films that offer strong stories replete with drama and emotions. There are comedies with messages, and there are sci-fi films that show you an abstract concept that leaves you impressed and baffled at the same time. But there are only so many films that can touch you. Run is one such example.    

Three girls are discussing genetics in a park when they see two guys dabbling a football. They ask to join them for a game of one-touch football. A simple scenario; but with this, the director gives us a much deeper message. The intense prose the film uses to deliver its idea is the high-point. The words will touch you with their earnestness. 

"You mock us for rushing; but my love at least we run into things, not away from them" 

Watch the short film for its simplicity. For the way it delivers the prose. Watch it for its unpretentious moments. Watch Run for its strong female voice. Watch it for its message. And, if that's not enough, watch Run for how unique it is.