Our conversation with Salman Khan on his upcoming film Kick, media hype, his passion for singing, upcoming projects and much more.

People adore him as an actor, enjoy his screen presence as an entertainer and love and respect him as a philanthropist. He is, indeed, a superstar the nation has witnessed. With the release of KICK round the corner, Salman Khan is busy promoting the film. Even with busy schedules, Salman Khan appeared full-of-life when he met us at Mehboob Studio on July 15.

When asked about Kick being a remake, Salman said, "Kick is inspired from the 2009 Telugu film of the same name but is totally different". Talking about the level of difficulty faced in action sequences in his films, he said that certain films look like lot of efforts have been put in. But there was hardly anything to do. Some plots seem to be a little more easier, but, overall, a lot of hard work is required. "Kick is one of those films, where the director’s effort is much more compared to that of the actor, who apart from the big stunts, does not have to do anything. It is the canvas of the action that makes the action look much larger", he further added.

According to him, action sequences are a tough nut to crack for an actor. But if one is involved in sports such as cycling, driving or any such physical activities, then it’s quite an easy task to manage. It’s the same stuff you do in other films, but the limit is pushed to another level.

The action element has always created a buzz among Bollywood audiences. When asked about the same, he said, "It’s either the action buzz that works, or it’s the younger films. Films with certain amount of masti, comedy, and a larger-than-life feeling".

The year 2014 saw the release of Salman Khan starrer – Jai Ho, which didn’t fare well at the Box-Office. When asked if people don’t like to see you in simple roles like that of Major Jai, this is what he had to say, "Jai Ho is a serious film. No matter whatever is done with a serious film, it remains the same."


Salman Khan’s movies are like festive treat to Bollywood fans every year. His movies are celebrated like a festival. Speaking of an Eid release, he said that they weren’t ready for Eid last year. The superstar added, “Any festival is the best time for a movie release cause it can accommodate more than one film. During Ramadan not many movies release, so Eid is a good time for a film’s release.”

There is a speculation that his character, Devil, in Kick is inspired from the devil-angel theme of Bigg Boss Season 7. Throwing a light on this rumor he said, "Devil is a sort of an acronym for Devi Lal Singh, the actual name of his character".

Talking about his co-stars, Jacqueline Fernandes and Nargis Fakhri, he exclaimed, “They are really sweet-natured. Both Jacqueline and Nargis are sweet co-stars.” He also said that he was quite nervous while shooting for the film. When asked about his co-stars being foreigners, he jokingly replied that hasn’t anyone noticed Sonakshi Sinha or Sneha Ullal or Zarine Khan as his lead actresses. They are Indians and not from Turkistan or Russia.

Salman has always wow’ed us with his style, acting and dhamakedar action. And after Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor, now Sallu Bhai is all set to mark his foray as a potential singer for Bollywood. Talking about his song Hangover, Salman Khan stated that “Whatever I do, I do with passion. I like doing it. It’s like my hobby.” Well, Salman Khan not only wooed his lady love Jacqueline Fernandez in Kick, but also charmed his fans all over India! The ultimate romantic hero, isn’t he?

Be it for films or controversies, Salman Khan’s name has always popped up in the media. After a recent scuffle between the photographers and Salman Khan’s security guards outside a suburban nightclub during a promotional event last week, the photographers are planning to boycott Salman Khan. But that is not dampening the spirits of Salman. In fact, he has his own views on media. “This is not journalism anymore. They need to cover real stories. The journalists nowadays don’t have any social or national responsibilities. What they care for is only TRP.”

Besides Kick, Salman Khan will be seen soon in a Sooraj Barjatya family drama tentatively titled Bade Bhaiya. “It’s been 13 years that I have worked with Sooraj and lot things have changed. He also added. “It will be a very difficult film that I will be doing after a very long time. I am not that pure person anymore. I have seen a lot more.” Talking about his upcoming projects, Salman also revealed that he will be doing Karan Johar’s dream project “Shhuddhi.” Now, that’s a movie we would love to watch.

Salman Khan who did a cameo in the recent Marathi hit Lai Bhaari starring Riteish Deshmukh is all peppy about the film. “I just loved the film,” exclaimed Salman. About the role, Salman said “This is the first film I have ever asked for a role in a film."

Salman also spoke about “Being Human”. He stated, “Jab tak fame hain, tab tak kaam hain, jab tak kaam hain, tab tak paise hain, jab tak paise hain, tab tak Being Human hain. I am going to make it so difficult for the rest of the actors. I will take Being Human to a whole new level!”

Salman Khan is sure up for more challenges!

Salman Khan who has always entertained us with his brilliant acting maneuvers, is all geared up for “Kick.” Releasing on 25th July, Kick promises a lot to the fans. Romance, action or comedy? Whatever you choose, “The Devil” will take you on a wild ride! Hold on to your seats.

By Teena Elizabeth Chacko and Tanaya Ramyani.

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