We have heard about his generosity, we have heard about his whims. He is a man from Bollywood who is more common than common could be. He wears the garb of a lover, an admirer, a dreamer, a warrior and of a messiah we love to applaud for. Yes, we are talking about Salman Khan, who may, perhaps be best friends with controversy, but he is certainly the man of fortitude. With back-to-back hits over the last few years, he has grown to be the reigning king of the Box Office. The reports give us the understanding of the fame this man enjoys amongst the crowd, in India as well as abroad. However, there emerges a certain leitmotif with each film of his. The style, the stance, the charisma are somewhat constant, but there is more to this than just his approach and appearance.

We all love Salman Khan. It is a truth which we cannot deny. His presence spreads mystic vibes on the podium and even before he utters a “hi”, the present crowd bursts out with cheers, slogans, mantras of “We love Salman”. This fanaticism, this craze, rings similar to the rage any South film star – be it Mahesh Babu, Chiranjeevi, or Ravi Teja – holds over his terrain. Bringing the flavors of the South and mixing them with Bollywood spices, Salman Khan, for the past few years, has been giving us an amalgamation which we have relished with delight. If Wanted, which was a remake of Pokiri, revived Khan’s career, what followed has made him the King of Madras Cut. Rather, the remake king of Bollywood Madras Cut.

Ready, which was a remake of a blockbuster Telugu film by the same name; Bodyguard, which was a remake of a Malayalam film by the same name; and now, followed with Jai Ho, a remake of Chiranjeevi’s hit Stalin; and Kick, a remake of a Telugu film by the same name (which has recently gone on floors). Khan has certainly been on a spree to savor the South flavors. If rumors are to be believed, Salman Khan has bought the rights for Jai Ho at an exorbitant amount of 4.5 crore! This being the highest for any south film remake. Another buzz suggests that Salman shall reprise the role of Mahesh Babu in his Hindi remake of Telugu blockbuster, Businessman. However, this can be a distant dream for Salman Khan fans as the demands of the star have left the filmmakers tongue-tied. Nonetheless, his mass popularity has been alluring South filmmakers all the same. He is deemed to be a star they can “bank” upon.

As the audience, we have never revered Hollywood style slick action, which is why the films such as Agent Vinod and Tezz have turned out to be duds at the BO. But what this Master Of Art has given us has made the South remakes a blockbuster trend. Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Sanjay Dutt, no superstar in the industry have denied themselves the pleasure to revel in the stardom that the south remakes have offered. Almost all of the remakes have proved their BO prowess giving each star an entry in the elite 100-crore club. So much has been the craze of the South cut, that even King Khan is heard to have been thinking of signing a remake of a Tamil blockbuster. Continuing the trend, we are likely to see approximately ten south remakes in the offing.

Some believe that Salman’s short stint as a writer (with the film Veer) which proved to be a fiasco has been a driving force for him to pick up South films and blend them into Bollywood-ized flicks. Some believe it’s the ultimate shortcut that Khan has been taking to retain his stardom. Be it whatever reason, the persistent flops by the fellow actors and consistent hits by Salman are proof enough to make the star, undoubtedly the Remake King of Bollywood Madras Cut.

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