Verdict: Ammy Virk delivers another superior movie.

Ammy Virk enjoys a success record like no one else. He has starred in six movies and all have been appreciated and widely accepted by the viewers. And now the superstar is back with another romantic-comedy, Sat Shri Akaal England. The movie has generated decent hype because of numerous factors. Firstly, everyone is eager to know whether this can be Ammy’s seventh hit in a row or not. Secondly, the trailer received humongous appreciation from one and all when it released in October. Thirdly, the movie has fought its own battle prior to release as it had to be postponed when CBFC failed to screen the movie. Fourthly, the last hit Pollywood film was Nikka Zaildar 2 (Ammy Virk, Sonam Bajwa) which released almost three months ago. And lastly, Ammy Virk has himself been aggressively promoting the movie all across Punjab. Given all these factors, does Vikram Pradhan’s Sat Shri Akaal England manage to woo the audiences. Fortunately, YES!

What’s Sat Shri Akaal England About:

Major German Singh Mann (Ammy Virk), like any other typical Punjabi youngster who dreams of migrating to foreign lands. After umpteen futile attempts to migrate to his dream country England, he seeks the expertise of a local agent who introduces him to Geet Kahlon (Monica Gill). German instantly falls in love with Geet. Will the agent’s trick work for German or not, forms the rest of the story?

What Works:

Sat Shri Akaal England is a perfect recipe that has an equal quantity of love, emotions, drama and comedy as its ingredients. The movie is a shining example of how unadulterated urban comedies should be made that can be seen with the entire family.

The movie starts off on a high with Ammy’s visa getting rejected multiple times which leaves him disheartened. The initial reels are absolutely relatable as the youth of Punjab goes through the same emotions when they try to move abroad. The story moves at a lightning speed as Ammy falls in love with Geet and finally manages to reach England. There’s never a dull moment in the first half. This hour relies heavily on Ammy’s innocence and Karamjit Anmol’s one-liners. The interval point throws a surprise that arouses eagerness to watch the second half.

The second half of the movie is where the writer, director, and actors give their best. The story has its twists and turns which keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats. There are a number of sequences that are brilliant pieces of writing. For instance when Monica realizes the truth about Brenda, when Monica’s parents realize that Ammy and Monica had been lying to them, and finally the culmination of the story, which is absolutely apt.

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Ammy Virk makes a deliberate effort to do something different and break the norm of working only in period dramas. There’s no denying the fact that he has yet again given a brilliant performance and carried the film on his shoulders. He displays various emotions in those two hours and succeeds with ease. His comic timing is impeccable and he emotes equally well. Monica Gill gets to star as a solo female lead in her fourth Punjabi film and the pretty actress gets a meaty role. Karamjit Anmol brings the house down with his witty dialogues but is missed in the second half. Sardar Sohi is decent. Jarnail Singh is first rate.

Vikram Pradhan makes a confident debut as a director. He had a big responsibility of presenting Ammy Virk in a different avatar and he unarguably succeeds in that. He chooses a romantic comedy and his natural flare for comedy and strong grasp on emotional scenes is seen. Vikram has written and directed a fun filled family entertainer. The dialogues (Jatinder Lall) complement the mood of the film. Pradeep Khanvilkar (DOP) does a tremendous job. He has beautifully captured the locales in and around London. The music (Jatinder Shah) is in sync with the movie. Jatt Da Kaleja is a rage and Gal Theek Nai is soulful. The editing (Bharat Singh Rawat) is crisp.

What could have been better:

The pace of the movie drops marginally in the middle of second half when compared to the overall tempo of the film. The viewers start feeling repetitiveness in the screenplay but thankfully the story takes a twist which soon brings the movie back on track. 

Why you should watch:

Ammy Virk has done an urban comedy for the first time and it’s great to see the handsome appeal to every Punjabi residing in any part of the world.  Sat Shri Akaal England is a complete family entertainer and t’s great to see the handsome sardarji live up to his follower’s expectations. Go and watch the movie with your parents, children, friends etc. and you would enjoy the two hour long rom-com.

Review By – Gurlove Singh