Review: It would probably be safe to say that the fifth installment of Scary Movie series is the worst of the lot, and for more reasons than one. Having hit theaters seven years after the previous Scary Movie, this film doesn’t even feature the regular face of the film, Anna Faris, who gave the earlier parts of the series a certain grace. Seems that she chose wisely not to be a part of this one. Replacing her instead is the High School Musical actress, Ashley Tisdale, her face seeming so taut that it just couldn’t emote. But again, it would be injustice to blame the actress when the film sees rip-offs of successful films like Black Swan, Inception, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Evil Dead, Mama and more – an unfortunate hodge-podge of good films that got confused somewhere before the film could’ve been complete. At a run time of 86 minutes approximately, this film seemed ever so long while we were waiting to laugh at something… anything.
What we got instead were celebrity cameos from the likes of Mike Tyson, Snoop Dog (now suffixed as Lion) and the relatively infamous Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan who are jibed at their notoriously partying habits and driving ‘disability’ respectively. Nonetheless, one could wait for a better part of the series that may change the way movie sequels generally turn out. Perhaps one did expect a better fate of this film since Malcolm D. Lee had been lucky with his previous film, Undercover Brother – a spoof of sorts. 
The Scary Movie franchise could not really be considered quality cinema, but what it did have was a ribald energy which were good enough recipes to make a humorous gag.  Right now it is just a unintended waste of time.

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