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If You Enjoyed These 7 Action-Packed Sci-Fi Films, Watch Pacific Rim: Uprising Next

It's been a few years since Pacific Rim came out, but the sequel, Pacific Rim: Uprising is still one of the most-awaited films of the month. The first film was directed by Guillermo Del Toro (who has recently won an Oscar for The Shape of Water) and was one of the most fun sci-fi films ever. If you've loved the following movies, you cannot miss Pacific Rim: Uprising in theatres.


Although Transformers might not appeal to the critics, the series has millions of fans worldwide. Pacific Rim had its share of giant robots, and although they don't transform into cars and may lack continuous Michael Bay-esque explosions, there is plenty of action to be enjoyed.

Independence Day

If you enjoyed watching people come together to fight the creatures that would end humanity in Independence Day, you will love Pacific Rim. The series has humans continuing their fight for survival against enemies that are so huge that they built giant robots to fight them.

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow was one of the most inventive and fun science-fiction films in recent years and Pacific Rim movies are no less. Edge of Tomorrow might have had the star-power of Tom Cruise, but Pacific Rim: Uprising will have the popular Star Wars actor, John Boyega.


Produced by J. J. Abrams with only a $25 million budget, Cloverfield became a phenomenon that earned more than five times its budget. If you've been following the intense and insane creature's rampages, you can add Pacific Rim to your must-watch list because not only does it have more monsters, the fights are truly futuristic.


Godzilla is one of the most iconic film monsters ever, and the poster-child of the Japanese film genre – Kaiju  -which is all about giant monsters. Pacific Rim has plenty of towering sea monsters that have come from the depths so the challenge is even bigger. 

Kong: Skull Island

King Kong is another one of the Kaiju creatures and has become a timeless classic. If you enjoyed the latest reboot with the giant monster, you can enjoy the fight with all-new creatures that still make a foreboding enemy in the Pacific Rim movies.

Atlantic Rim

Even though they share half of the title and feature robots and monsters, Atlantic Rim surprisingly isn't related to Pacific Rim at all. If you managed to catch this one in 2013 instead of the Pacific Rim, you will find Pacific Rim and Pacific Rim: Uprising to be right up your alley.

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