“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Eleanor Roosevelt said these words and Aghaaz Productions is reiterating them with their short film, Selfie. Directed by Ramchandra Gaonkar and released on January 17, 2015, the short film has picked up quite a few awards at various film festivals (including MAMI and ICE National Film Festival, Pune

Selfie delivers an underrated yet strong message through a simple, thought-provoking story line. The issue of low-self esteem has been dealt with beautifully and the filmmakers have used every day incidents to make their point. Set majorly in the local trains of Mumbai, the seven-minute-film follows the story of a common man. The film impresses you on so many levels. It forces you to wonder if physical appearance actually matters so much. Or, if the world can make you feel inferior or superior to others around you. And most importantly should you at all care what others think. 

Watch the short film below and click your inner ‘selfie’ 🙂