Long gone are the times when movies ended with, “And they lived happily ever after”. Every story, hit or flop, has a sequel pre-planned before the movie finishes. The sequel of the movies are not the continuation of their stories, rather it is a money-making business with minimal-clothed actresses and more random dialogues. Bidding goodbye to fresh movies, the Bollywood directors have put in all their attention on making sequels. Keeping in mind that movie-making is a business, and a profitable one when it comes to making sequels. Well, there were movies which fared amazingly-well amongst both, the box office and the critics. Their directors make a sequel to those movies, which is more or less trying to ask a djinn (or Genie) in the magic lamp for another wish. And then there are movies which were too stupid to begin with, and still managed to earn itself a sequel. Here is a list of the 10 sequels which should not have ever been made:


Krrish 3 – To define Krrish 3 in brief, it was a bad attempt to make a superhero movie in Bollywood. Krrish is a favorite of the young ones, who are completely unaware of Spiderman, Batman and Superman. The adorable story about the friendship of a human and an alien “Koi Mil Gaya” was taken too far for its own good. Throughout the film, all you could wish was for Krrish’s cape, which would make you fly out of the movie theaters.


Singham Returns – The sequel lived upto its famous dialouge “aata maajhi satakli”, because that was the reaction of every person who watched the movie. Rohit Shetty’s action sequences did not deliver anything that we had not seen before. To be completely honest, we would have not complained if Singham DID NOT Return.


Dhoom: 3 – Few years ago, the first “Dhoom” was released, blowing away the audiences with its never seen/heard before story. The sequel Dhoom:2 was still acceptable in the box office, but Dhoom:3, WHY ? Aamir Khan, The Perfectionist was the only highlight in the movie, but he too failed to outshine the dullness of the same old–same old script.


Housefull 2 – Everyone who watched Housefull had a hearty laugh, everyone who watched Housefull 2 had a heart-ache. As people say “like every other Sajid Khan movie, even this should not have been made”. Housefull 2 did not live upto its name, and its shows obviously did not go housefull too.


Once upon a time in Mumbaai Dobara – Once upon a time, Milan Luthria made an exceptional movie on a smuggler named `Sultan Mirza‘. If only someone had smuggled away his idea for the sequel, the world would have been a better place.


Phir Hera Pheri – Whoever watched Hera Pheri, laughed for the entire 156 minutes of the movie. With Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal and Suniel Shetty as the cast, the movie was a ride filled with laughter. But then, the director went with the flow and created Phir Hera Pheri, which was not half as funny as the first one.


Bheja Fry 2 – The movie lived upto its name making the audience’s Bheja Fry. As good as the first movie “Bheja Fry” was, its sequel was nowhere close to the humor delivered by the first movie, which was plain simple comedy. Bheja Fry 2 showed a desperate failed attempt of making a comedy sequel.


Sarkar RajSarkar was one of the highly-acclaimed movies by the critics and the audiences, whereas Sarkar Raj was entirely the opposite. As good as the first movie was, the story, acting and direction all went for a toss in its sequel, which definitely shouldn’t have been made.


Phoonk 2 – “The first was a warning”, apparently the makers of the movie did not understand who the message was for. A movie as bad as Phoonk, which was supposed to be a Horror movie, should not have been made in the first place. Phoonk and Phoonk 2 are classic examples of the transformation of BAD to WORSE. The only connection between Phoonk and Phoonk 2 was, neither of them were scary.


Raaz 3Raaz was a one-of-its-kind Horror movie, which stood out from any other Bollywood Horror movie of its time. 7 years later, the sequel to Raaz was released, and 5 years later, another sequel was made Raaz 3. None of the 3 movies had any connection with the other, apart from sharing the same name.


A kind appeal to all the directors and producers, please understand which movie needs a sequel and which ones really don’t. If there are more sequels lined up, we have ours ready as well “Sequels that should not have been made : Part 2 !

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