A few days ago, Suicide Squad director David Ayer revealed the first look of Jared Leto as the famed Clown Prince of Crime. Fans all over the world have been going gaga over Mr. J and Jared. Honestly though, it’s hard to top Heath Ledger’s performance as the crazed nemesis of Batman. Christopher Nolan was responsible for what is perhaps the most iconic on-screen portrayal of the Joker. This time round though, that responsibility falls to Ayer. While both directors opted for completely different directions with their representations of the villain, they’ve both received their share of feedback. Ayer’s Joker has a completely different look, take a look!

There are a few of the old classic features- the pasty, pale skin, the shocking green hair, the purple glove, the manic, almost insomniac look in his eyes and the shiny teeth. But a new feature in Ayer’s Joker is the tattoos, and there’s a lot of them.
The prison tat concept is interesting, possibly making a reference to the Joker’s incarceration in Arkham Asylum. There’s a J under his eye, a spread of cards and the Joker clown, all of which seem like the tattoos one might get in prison. There’s also a lot of HAHAHA tattoos, blackened teeth and a flashy smile…on his arm.
Even though he looks a tad bit disturbing, you can’t deny that he fits as the villain. This bodes well for fans who thought that no one could top Heath Ledger. Moreover, the image seems to confirm that Ayer is drawing inspiration from Alan Moore’s graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke. The entire point here is that the Joker is a villain. We aren’t supposed to like him. We’re supposed to hate him. He’s supposed to be awful. And his face tattoo is exactly that.
We’re certainly looking forward to the film, which also stars Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Cara Delevingne and Viola Davis. Suicide Squad is slated to release August 5th, 2016.

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