Seven Sinful Lies Disney told Us

Oh, how I love Disney! Is that your response every time you watch a Disney film or cartoon? Well, of course, we too love Disney. It has given us many memorable fairy tales. But in the real world, there are no fairy tales (Kate Middleton’s and Mira Rajput’s love stories excepted)! And it’s not just love- Disney lied to us about so many things. It’s heart breaking, isn’t it? As if Shahid Kapoor’s wedding wasn’t enough… Okay, we are over it. Almost.
Nevertheless, here are seven times Disney lied to us about love, life and almost everything:
You can communicate with animals

From Cinderella to Pocahontas, almost everyone can communicate with animals. Not only that, the animals can sing, dance and help with household chores. Just in case you’re trying to communicate with your pet, here’s a kind reminder. They are animals. They do not talk. So don’t blame the cat if you’re getting too many scratch marks on your face!

Every day is a good hair day!

Nope. Ever wondered how Ariel’s hair is so perfect and lush, even though she stays underwater? Or Cinderella’s curls are so damn flawless? Let’s not forget Rapunzel here!
Life is unfair, isn’t it?

The first kiss is always magical

Umm… we all know the truth.

Spending a night with seven dwarfs is a great idea

This is disturbing and awkward in so many ways. Even if you’re a fan of Tyrion Lannister, a night-out with seven random dudes, in the middle of a forest, doesn’t sound like a safe plan.

Getting ready for a party is easy 

Good luck with that, princesses! You don’t have a fairy godmother here.

Work is fun 

You have a great job, good colleagues, plus you’re having a good hair day! What can go wrong here, right?
Well, how about no? 

Someone kissing you while you’re asleep is TOTALLY cool!
Do you know what we call that in real life? Creepy!