Fantasy films have come a long way. With 3D technology, amazing VFX and sound, we are immersed into different worlds. But sometimes, even with all the techno-wizardry, a film tries too hard. Seventh Son is one such movie. More often than not, fantasy movies are based on novels. While novels have the added advantage of a reader’s imagination, films can either hit the right note or come off completely discordant. 
Seventh Son has been directed by Sergei Bodrov. Set in a world far removed from our own, where magic, knights and evil spirits fill the land, Seventh Son is about the seventh son of a seventh son. Now, the lore is that the seventh son is blessed with strength and a unique set of skills that make him an ideal “Spook”. This is where Jeff Bridges‘ Gregory comes in. He is an old Spook, with years of demon hunting under his belt. He seeks a new apprentice to take on Mother Malkin (Juilanne Moore), the head witch. The Seventh Son is Tom Ward (Ben Barnes). And now these two have to take on armies of evil assassins, spirits, shapeshifters and witches. In the midst of this, Tom falls for Alice (Alicia Vikander), a beautiful but mysterious girl. Will Tom rise to the occasion and keep the world safe? That remains to be seen. 
Any film with Jeff Bridges is worth a look, to be honest. But here, Seventh Son doesn’t deliver the goods. You are left watching Bridges play-act as the master spook. It doesn’t feel like he is the legendary demon hunter of old. Julianne Moore is quite laughable as the evil witch. In truth, it feels like she is just delivering her lines and that’s it. There really isn’t any menace or evil in her role. Ben Barnes is not bad, and the same can be said for Alicia Vikander. The movie suffers from the curse of adaptation. The plot just seems too rushed and unplanned. The effects are amazing but nothing new. The age old trick of objects flying towards the camera just feels too clichéd. A 3D film shouldn’t have to resort to gimmickry. And due to the length, the main characters are never really fleshed out. On the whole it feels tired and lacking in imagination. 
Why should you watch this film? 
Seventh Son has some really nice special effects. Shot in picturesque locales, you are invited to a world of fantasy. It makes for a refreshing change because you get to see good triumph over evil. Jeff Bridges does his bit, but he ain’t the Dude in this one. All in all, a weekend watch. 

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