The Baadshah of Bollywood never fails to charm us with his wit, acting and style. Every time we see him on screen, our heart skips a beat, the streets are all bright, people are all smiles and we find ourselves in the sunny mustard fields from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. Sigh! Such is the power of King Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan. Since the days of Fauji, Shah Rukh has constantly inspired us with his hard work and dedication. There’s no wonder that this superstar has a huge fan following across the globe. In fact, even Obama quoted him in his speech!

Shah Rukh made us believe that there’s a superstar within all of us. Don’t believe us? Here are 13 SRK reactions to everyday situations. Never realized our expressions were so similar.

Yay! I got my salary. I am rich.

Yay! I am poor. Again. I just paid my rent, electricity bill, gas bill, internet bill… Hold my tears, someone.


 When autowallahs say no to go to Andheri East.

When you are at Dadar station.


When you discover your roommate’s secret drawer.


When you fart in public and no one notices.


 When you try to force a pout for a selfie.


 When you are not sure what your boss is talking about.


When you come out of the gym after an extreme workout.


 When the pani puri guy refuses to give you the last sukha puri.


 When you no longer fit in to your skinny jeans.

 When your parents talk about your marriage.


When it’s your engagement and you just realized it!

Yes, s!#t happens!

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