Shahid Kapoor has had a long and illustrious career in Bollywood. In the span of a decade, he has achieved more than what many actors manage to do in their lifetime. He may be one extremely good-looking hunk but the real reason behind is success is his incredible versatility. Whether he is playing a double role in Kaminey or spicing up a masala entertainer like R…Rajkumar, Shahid excels in all he does. And with Vishal Bharadwaj’s Haider, it looks like this star has really come of age as a fine actor.

The trailer released to rave reviews from all over. Not only was it loved by the masses but even directors like Karan Johar and Vikas Bahl couldn’t stop talking about Shahid’s incredible performance.

Queen’s director Vikas Bahl said, “It’s wonderful to see how he gets into the skin of the character and constantly surprises us. Wanting to see him play Haider now.”

Karan Johar too had something to say, “The film looks engaging and power-packed with drama and intrigue. It also appears to be Shahid’s best celluloid work.”

Daddy Pankaj Kapoor, one of the finest actors in the country is very proud of Shahid. He said, “Haider is real, touching and explosive. I have not seen Shakespeare’s Hamlet interpreted the way Vishal has in Haider. I am proud of Shahid’s performance in it.”

But the true measure of an actor is when his fans appreciate his work. Because after all, it is the audience that they have to please. Shahid spent a lot of time getting to know the locals of Kashmir during the shoot. He wanted to internalize their pain and suffering in order to portray it with sensitivity and grace. After the launch of the trailer, a couple of the locals who they had met during the shoot got in touch with Shahid’s manager. Apparently, they loved the trailer and were stunned by Shahid’s eyes which seemed to do most of the acting. They felt there was the same pain in his eyes which is seen amongst the locals of Kashmir.

But then we are simply talking about his Indian fans. What does the international audience have to say about the trailer you ask? Would you be convinced if you knew that even Shakespeare fans from all over the world have loved Haider?

Shakespeare works have a universal appeal and all of his plays have been interpreted in a number of languages all over the world. So it comes as no surprise that Shakespeare’s official facebook page shared the Haider trailer with its followers. It quickly garnered over 3000 likes with many foreigners appreciating Shahid’s take on Hamlet.

What more could an actor ask for? Shahid has it all – appreciation from his peers, love from his fans and acknowledgement from die-hard Shakespeare fans. All this just from the trailer itself. Imagine what will happen when the film releases. One can safely assume that Vishal Bharadwaj’s Haider could very well prove to be the crowning achievement of Shahid’s career.

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