We all know this evergreen beauty more as a popular film star’s mother who is all set to become a grandparent again. But it has not been that long since she made a place for herself in Bollywood’s Most Desirable List. Her regal charm, evolving fashion, sparkling smile, and majestic demeanor make her one of the most iconic stars Bollywood has ever seen. Yes, we are talking about Aparna from Apur Sansar, the gorgeous diva from An Evening in Paris, and the mischievous Sulekha from Chupke Chupke. Sharmila Tagore has forever been a Queen.

One more year added but her charm doesn’t seem to fade. Sharmila Tagore, who started her career when she was 13 years old, not only evolved as an actor over the years, but has also been able to adapt to the changing fashion trends.

Today, on her birthday, let’s look at her journey as a fashion icon while we also remember some of her best performances on screen.

The Initial Charm
fotorcreatedHer initial acting days (1960s) saw her in the traditional avatar but with her trend-setting look and bold moves in the film An Evening in Paris, she set new fashion trends and was the hottest actress of her time. Also, the mercury levels went high when she got featured on the cover of Filmfare in 1968.

Trend-setting Fashion
70s-compressedThis (1970s) was the time when her Cleopatra-like winged eyeliner, voluminous bee-hive hairstyle and arched eyebrows caught everyone’s attention. Her movies with the late Rajesh Khanna and Dharmendra (who also happened to celebrate his birthday today) touched new heights during this phase, and her careergraph also rose to new heights. In every movie, Sharmila Tagore added her own charm and style.

Evolving Beauty
80s-and-90s-compressedThe 1980s and 1990s saw Sharmila Tagore experimenting with the kind of movies she chose. However, what did not change was her evolving fashion sense. Even as a simple villager in Namkeen, her ethereal beauty was evident.  

Evergreen Fashion Icon
current-2-compressedSharmila Tagore’s name never goes out of fashion as was evident when she attended the Cannes Film Festival in 2009. Her gorgeous sarees soon became the talk of the town.

As she begins yet another year of being beautiful and stylish, we wish this classic beauty a very Happy Birthday.

–Gladis Monteiro