When a musical has the tagline "Finally, a musical where everyone dies.", you know it’s going to be good.

Sudden Death! is a tongue-in-cheek look at everything we love to hate about musicals. Is it a tribute? Is it a mockery? Who knows! All we can be certain about is that it’s 19 minutes of absolute hilarity!

Disaster strikes L.A. County, when the population is affected by the highly contagious Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). Those afflicted with SDS find themselves spontaneously bursting into song and dance, especially in the final hours of their lives. When Nathan Carlson (Matt Lutz) finds true love in Rachel Hughes (Autumn Hurlbert), he must race against time to find a cure for SDS.

"But everyone dies, right?"

Well, that’s just something you’re going to have to find out. And the road to unveiling that mystery is a delightful short film that is a roller-coaster ride of comedy and tragedy.

Sudden Death! gets props for its originality. After all, how often do we come across musicals that mock musicals? The short film takes tropes that we will all recognize and makes the most of them. The result is a laugh riot that’ll appeal to musical fans as well as people who are too cool for musicals.

It also helps that the music is wickedly wonderful. Each song features lyrics that’ll crack you up, set to a melody that is just as infectious as every "legitimate" musical out there.

The actors, too, are noteworthy in their respective parts. Matt Lutz and Autumn Hurlbert are perfect as the ditzy leading pair we see in every musical. Doug Jones, who plays Dr. Jonathan Wright, is hilarious and criminally underutilized.

Good acting, good music and a hilarious plot. What more could we ask for? So, whether you love musicals or can’t stand them, don’t miss this one: