It is pure art on the screen when you watch a movie that doesn't require dialogues to send the message across. Animated short films often win big in this aspect and it is wonderful to see the colors and animated characters narrating a story. The Pixar movie Up had us thrilled. One of the memorable scenes from the movie was the love story of the lead with his wife. In under two minutes, a whole lifetime worth of memories were shown. As you watch Catmint, some of those scenes might seem familiar. But what they did in under two minutes, this short film takes five seconds for that.

Catmint is about an old widower who encounters a stray cat. The cat is not at all hesitant in making his home hers, much to his dismay. As the days pass and the old man finally gets used to the cat's presence, the cat disappears. With the run time as short as five minutes, the movie covers it all from the pain of losing someone you love to accepting someone new in your life. The movie also has its fair share of thrills. All in the span of five minutes. The background score works perfectly as the scenes progress.

Watch the short film below and tell us what you think about it in the comments below. Watch this space for more short films like these.