Hotel 22 is a eight-minute-long short documentary by Elizabeth Lo. The film explores a side of California Bay area that isn’t talked about very often – the alarming conditions of the homeless in the neighborhood. 

22 is a 24-hr bus that the homeless board for the night to get shelter. After a couple of local news channels caught hold of the story, Lo decided to bring it to people’s notice with this documentary. It has been shot over a period of six days but made to look like a single night. The film has homeless people and their every night rides on this mobile hotel. It offers a compassionate insight into the lives of the homeless, their struggles and how the humongous offices of tech-giants in the same area (Google and Facebook) stand in stark contrast to their living conditions. 
The documentary has an observational approach to it and at times you feel a little too detached from the subject. Of course, when the motive is right, the audience finds a way to appreciate the work. The documentary has received acclaim from NY Times’ prestigious Op/Docs programming strand and continues to be lauded in the  policy circles of the area with concerns of lack of shelter for the homeless being highlighted. 
You can watch this interesting documentary and ride Hotel 22 here: 

Hotel 22 by Elizabeth Lo from Short of the Week on Vimeo.