Approaching someone can be a daunting task. Especially if the person in question happens to be of the opposite sex, and if you happen to find them attractive. It’s a big risk. A risk not everyone is bold enough to take. Many opportunities are lost and many could-be relationships extinguished before they have a chance to blossom. This short film, The Truth About Meeting Women, deals with nine possible uncertainties that play on a man’s mind when he thinks of approaching a woman. 

In four short minutes, the actors give us nine far-fetched scenarios that our minds conjure up. Set in a subway station, the film starts with the background noise of a passing train. In an amused manner, the man in the scene, Paul Gale looks over at the woman standing there and day-dreams about approaching her. Paul is funny and you’ll love his expressions as he finishes each short day-dream with a rejection- "I think this is OVER". This sentence is probably the most dreaded line- one that no one wants to hear. And Paul, our man ends up imagining it with nine women. 
The film will make you realize how risking rejection will always be a reality. A reality that we need to be bold enough to face. Seeking love and risking rejection is probably the first step to finding love. Our only complaint with the film is that it is even shorter than what we would expect a short film to be. Before you’ve completely enjoyed the film, it’s over. The ending is particularly a let-down in an otherwise interesting approach. 
The hilarity comes from the scenarios which have been executed well. And that should be your reason to give it your four minutes.