"Sin City’s where you go in with your eyes open, or you don’t come out at all." – Johnny. 

Frank Miller has given the world some of the most-iconic comics and images. We have the Dark Knight, the brave 300 and the wonderfully-sinful world of Sin City. This is a collection of noir stories told in the grittiest way possible. Now, we have the latest installment in this cinematic opera: A Dame to Kill For. Juxtaposing light and dark, black and white, color and grey, the film catapults you deep into the morass of seedy bars, dark alleys, red light districts, poker backrooms and much more. You are immersed and sent down the rabbit hole. Once you are in, Sin City will swallow you whole. 

Co-directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is a follow up to the immensely-successful, Sin City. The world is peppered with these genuinely-twisted characters. The movie is a collection of their stories. Each one struggling to make it. Each one with their own agenda. Each one with their own guilty secret. We have some of the old cast returning and some new faces in the mix. To list them is a veritable who’s-who of character actors. Let’s check out some of the stories instead. Nancy returns to dancing, Gail holds sway in Old Town, Marv is still knock back drinks and breaking bones, Dwight is struggling with his demons, just to name a few. Thrown into this is Johnny, a gambler with something to prove, Senator Roark who wields power like a hammer, and Ava who beguiles and seduces. These are just a few of the people we get to watch descend the hell that is Basin City. Frank Miller’s stories are brought to life with marvelous attention to detail. We get a taste of sin, the deplorable, the despicable and it is enjoyable, delicious to a fault. As the stories progress, you get a sense that you are not just watching a movie, you are tapping into those little sides of yourself. The hidden parts, the ones which lurk in the shadows. The ones which compel us to do bad things. A movie which pulls no punches and gets you locked in a grip of an iron fist in a velvet glove. You will fall in love with the pretty face and demonic eyes of Sin City. 

The movie is wonderfully-created. You return to this world of black, white and grey. The colors which shine through just intensify the scene and characters. The starkness of it and the grittiness coupled with the narration by the various characters, makes the whole film enjoyable. The city breathes like a beast, hunkering and hungry. The touches of color are captivating in certain scenes, when you see them you will know. Now to the actors. Mickey Rourke gets to be Marv yet again. What a fit. He has fun with this character. Josh Brolin makes his entry as Dwight. Grim, tough and with a demon on both shoulders, he is driven by the urge to keep the monster caged. Powers Boothe is the senator. He plays this vile and disturbing character so well, almost too well. Johnny the gambler, played by Joseph Gordon Levitt, is slick, smooth and trouble. Let’s take a look at the actresses now. Jessica Alba is Nancy, only now she is no longer sweet. Driven by rage and revenge, Nancy enters the darkness. Rosario Dawson is good as Gail. But she doesn’t create the same sizzle as she did before. But the dame, Eva Green, who plays Ava, she is someone to watch. Everything about her is seductive, from her eyes to her sheer screen presence. She is a study in manipulation. As the movie picks up pace, you get to enjoy little touches of the graphic novel come to life in the film. Sexually-charged, filled with the evil that men do, dark, mysterious and twisted, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For gets the job done.

Why should you watch this film?
This movie is a screaming ride into the night. You will feel the howling of the wind, the corruption of power, the seduction of beauty, the poison that enters men’s souls and the desperation of Sin City. A dance of death, destruction and dames, an entertainer till the end.

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