Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Sisters At War: Kendall And Kylie Jenner

Sisters fight all the time! So it shouldn’t be a surprise at all that celebrity sisters too pull out their cat claws once in awhile. Washing dirty laundry in public, before shutterbugs though is never a great idea. Sadly, great ideas aren’t easy to come by. 

The two Jenner Sisters – Kendall and Kylie, who were once joint from the hip are reportedly fighting. Reports of both teenagers trash-talking each other have been doing the rounds in the media. A spark fuels a fire, though the exact reason isn’t clear, it is surely a case of the green-eyed monster!  
When Kylie skipped Kendall’s 19th birthday bash
The model sisters couldn’t keep the limelight from creating a rift between them. 
When Kylie reportedly pulled a knife on Kendall
We aren’t making it up! Kendall admitted this on a stint on the MTV show
When Kendall called Kylie ‘trashy’
Kendall‘s natural beauty vs Kylie‘s multiple surgeries. Kendall thinks it’s insane to get so much work done at Kylie’s age. 
The Tyga angle
Kendall thinks that Kylie is in an obsessive relationship with the rapper. 
You think this is true? Or are these just rumors? If it’s all true, which side are you on?