Everyone loves a good animation. Whether it’s a Pixar, Disney or Japanese anime, each of them is a complete joyride. They are simple, yet profound. The best thing about animations is that they are not limited to just one genre or style. If you are someone who thinks animations are strictly for kids, you really need to get out of the box! There is so much to learn from these films. Animations can make you laugh out loud and make you ponder over things at the same time. In short, they unshackle the mind.
As the saying goes, "Good things come in small packages". So, here are six short animated films on nature, space and humans that you need to watch. These films are short, sweet and superbly made.



Ever wondered what the life of a stone is like? Yep, a stone. Combining deft digital animation with a hand-painted watercolor background, Seth Boyden gives us a classic short on the life of a stone. After watching this animation, you’ll never look at a stone in the same way as before.



The whole process of telling a story only through visuals is just so amazing, that we don’t even require dialogues to build a connection with the characters. And this short from Base14 proves it. The Girl and the Fox is a simple story of survival. It shows how we are dependant on nature and nature on us.



Vice Versa uses a very basic animation technique. But it’s kind of fun to watch. With industrialization taking over our lives, attaining a perfect balance with nature is almost impossible. But what’s the harm in trying? Cut down one tree, plant two more.


Plunge into an ocean filled with everyday objects. After the viral short, Western Spaghetti, PES strikes again with this amazing stop-motion animation. Don’t miss out the keys!



You will never, ever complain about a windy day again in your lives. This short will blow you away!



Directed and animated by Joseph Hodgson & Franck Aubry, this is a celestial love story. No, there’s no George Clooney here! But yes, the black and white love story of the sun and moon is completely out of the world. The background score by Bendik adds on to the feel of the short.