Why does time fly when you’re having fun? Why does it seem to drag on forever at other times? And why does it eventually run out? Ivan Barge attempts to answer these questions in his short film, Snooze Time.

The short follows Evie as she navigates through her life, musing about the complexity of time. How the few seconds of Microwave Time seem excruciating, while weeks of Holiday Time still seem painfully short. How age affects our perception of time. And how time affects the significant events in our lives, or at least the events we thought were significant.

Snooze Time is a simple short film that explores a complex topic. And that’s where its beauty lies. The film, just like its subject matter, strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and complexity. This allows it to reach a revelation that might not be mind-blowing, but is certainly moving.

It is an insightful and realistic look at the passage of time, and its relativity. Everyone has lived through the different kinds of time and felt their effects, which is why we can all relate to the film.

It also helps that Barge has two outstanding actresses portraying EvieAmber Rhodes and Lisa Harrow, who play Evie at different points in her life, do complete justice to the character. They make her emotional journey an engaging one, and keep it from ever becoming sappy.

All things considered, Snooze Time is a brilliant short film that puts a beautiful spin on an age-old topic. Watch it to get a whole new perspective on your concept of timeage and happiness: