You friendly neighborhood Spiderman is back with the second trailer. Days after releasing the latest Guardians of The Galaxy trailer, Marvel is going all gung-ho on YouTube. With their successive trailer releases, are they really going up against DC’s Justice League trailer? Who knows! (actually, we do) But if you are a Marvel fan, this year is going to be explosive – as explosive as the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer.

Now, we have watched the trailer quite a few times to break it down just for you. So here’s our take:

Michael Keaton as Vulture looks dope
We had our reservations when Micheal Keaton was cast as Vulture but then we are also warming up to the idea after watching this trailer. Vulture is the main antagonist in the film, whose shiny mechanical wings look awesome. In the trailer, Keaton mentions, “The rich and the powerful like Stark, they don't care about us”. Perhaps he was wronged by someone powerful? We’ll soon find out.

Spidey’s costume and webshooters
Spiderman’s costume, which is designed by Stark, has those much anticipated mechanical squinters that make a slight wheezing sound every time Spidey squints. It comes with a spider chest emblem, which seems some sort of a button that, upon pressing, adjusts itself around the body. 

As for the web shooter, there seems to be a massive improvement. There is a delay timer added in the web, which allows Spidey to plan his moves.

Tony Stark is a mentor
Tony Stark appears in the trailer quite a few times and seems like a mentor to Peter Parker. Stark also goes on to say, “If you are nothing without the suit, then you shouldn't have it.” It seems like Tony finally learnt that he is so much more than his suit after the events that unfolded in Iron Man 3.

An homage to Spiderman 2
There’s a scene in the trailer where Spiderman is trying to save lives by holding together the two halves of a mangled ship with the help of his webshooters. That’s straight out of Spiderman 2. Remember the train sequence? Of course, you do!

Aunt May looks hot!
To be honest, we never thought we would use the three words “Aunt May” and “hot” in the same sentence. But oh boy! Here we are. Though she appears in only one scene in the trailer, you simply cannot miss her.

Watch the trailer here:

What’s your take on the trailer? Are your Spider Senses tingling? Let us know in the comments below.