Verdict: The web-shooter just shot a home run.

"With great power comes great responsibility."
This quote has been immortalized by Uncle Ben, who sadly has been killed twice in the last 15 years. We know truer words haven't been spoken, and with the new Spider-man movie, Marvel seems to be handling the responsibility very well. It can feel very monotonous seeing the same character's origin story told over and over again. We have seen the Waynes being murdered in the alley too many times, and similarly, we have seen Peter Parker getting bit by a spider twice. It came as a great relief when Marvel decided to do away with those scenes in the latest movie. 
Spider-Man: Homecoming begins just after the battle of New York (Avengers), where a maintenance crew is seen cleaning up the mess. Everyone seems busy, as the amount of work also means a huge amount of money. They are suddenly interrupted by the Department of Damage Control, who take over the responsibility of the clean-up, much to the displeasure of Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton). Toomes has amassed a huge debt and hopes to find a way out from the job. By sheer coincidence, they manage to gain some of the alien weaponry left behind and make use of it to create more weaponry.

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Eight years later, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is shown introducing a movie, which starts off right after Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) approached him for help. We see the Civil War through the eyes of his phone. After the war, Tony Stark promises to keep in touch, and assigns Happy Hogan to watch over it, but that doesn't work very well. Peter, on the other hand, has developed a taste for being a hero, and can't wait to save the world again. But until the Avengers call on him, he continues being the friendly neighborhood Spider-man, who rescues cycles, guides old ladies and does other heroic stuff. One day, he sees an ATM being robbed by some guys in an Avengers mask, and finally finds his chance to save the day. But these guys are using weaponry that is alien to him. He contacts Tony Stark, who tells him to ignore it and focus on smaller tasks. Frustrated with people not taking him seriously, Peter takes matters into his own hands. 
Doing away with the traditional origin story was a wise move by Marvel. The movie is filled with references and name dropping, to remind you that this is a part of the Marvel universe. Michael Keaton's Vulture is probably one of the top-line villains so far. Not only does he send chills down your spine, he can inflict serious harm. Spider-man has always been about proving himself, and so he does in this movie too. He is a brainiac (he's on his High School's decathlon team) high schooler by day, and a web-shooter by night. The makers have done a great job of keeping things local, as Peter struggles with detentions and teenage romance while trying to catch the bad guys. His wisecracks are still the same, reminiscent of the animated series. Even the familiar Spider-man tune is played continuously in the background. 

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Tom Holland was the highlight of the Civil War, not only because we were glad to see Spidey come home, but also because he did it well. But that was a ten-minute cameo, and it was left to be seen whether it would work here too (hence the addition of Tony Stark). But Spider-man was a delight to watch on screen, and there was never a dull moment throughout the movie. Tony Stark rightly stays in the background, trying to motivate Peter (or so he would like to say), so that he would get to save the day in the end.
As it is with every Marvel movie, there are a lot of references, which you wouldn't understand if you're not a Marvel fan. Director Jon Watts certainly deserves all the applause to give Spider-man such an amazing Homecoming. Tom Holland has certainly proved that great things come in smaller packages.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Spider-man's entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a huge deal, and it has been done superbly. It is a coming-of-age drama, as a superhero who just wants to prove himself. Tom Holland's Spider-man is smart, witty and he even dances well. If you want to know how Spider-man would survive in the suburbs, this one should not be missed. Also, be patient and wait for the post-credit scene (duh!).