NEWSflash! Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel Universe… 

Yeah, before you get pedantic, we know Spider-Man is part of the Marvel Universe. But what you might have forgotten is that Spider-Man hasn’t been introduced to the Marvel Film Universe. You know the one with the Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Nick Fury, Ant-Man and many more. That’s because the Spider-Man franchise is owned by Sony Entertainment. The other superheroes still belong to the Marvel stable. 
What does this mean? Oh, joy! Time to get the scripts out of the the closet, dust off the comics, brush up on the lore. Are you sitting down? Good… We have got a whole lot of story-lines to talk about. Spider-Man’s comics have had cameos and story arcs that have included nearly all the MCU ( Marvel Cinematic Universe) characters. 
Here are a few of the story arcs that Spider-Man has been a part of: 
1) Spider-Man versus the Hulk

Spider-Man goes up against Big Green. That’s a fight we’d like to see. 
2) There is a whole arc in the Ultimate Marvel Universe where Spider-Man is enlisted by Nick Fury. So Spidey will be next in line for the Avengers. 

3) The Civil War
The Marvel Cinematic Universe will be taking a whole new turn with Civil War. Set in the future with the SHRA (Super-human Registration Act) diving the universe, Civil War marks the start of a bloody war between the superheroes. Everyone from the Fantastic Four to the X-Men are involved. Superheroes now choose sides and Spider-Man is stuck in between. He becomes the lynch pin of the war. 
4) Spider-Man and Iron Man
Peter Parker meets Tony Stark in the course of his web slinging. As Spider-Man, he gets to see Tony in both his playboy avatar and as Iron Man. Cool huh? Also Spidey gets a suit from Tony. That’s right, Iron Spider for the win! 
5) Captain America and Spider-Man:

What happens when the world’s first Avenger and finest soldier meets the Spider-Man? That’s what they explored when Steve Rogers met Peter Parker

6) Of course where would we be if we didn’t mention the ultimate team-up: Spider-Man and Deadpool

Okay, not so much as a team up but a whole lotta fun. Deadpool is the merc with the mouth and Spidey is just a mass of quips and wise-cracks. When they come together, villains beware, you will be punned to death. 
So those just a few of the story arcs that could be made into movies in the MCU. It’s about time in fact,  let’s see the web-head take on bigger and badder villains. And this tie-up has all the right ingredients for amazing movies. 
Twip, Twip, time to swing. 
Let us know whom should Spider-Man team up with first? 

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