Web-spinning, web-shooting, web head is back on the screen. The world of Marvel is here. 

The first Amazing Spider-man was an interesting direction, rather an interesting reboot. The opening introduction of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) is what I took away from that movie. We got to see the inventiveness of Peter Parker and the acceptance of his powers and the responsibility that goes with it. 
And very soon the next movie shall release. What a line-up of bad guys! Electro, Rhino and Green Goblin have been shown to us. Spidey’s got his job cut-out. He just has his gift, a highly inventive mind and the will to be a symbol of hope and strength. The character of Spider-man is one that all us geeks and nerds understood. We the geeks were the ones who suffered in school and in our earlier lives. The whole power and change idea is one we embraced fully. Not to forget as Spidey and as Peter Parker, he got the girls. 

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is slowly learning about the secrets from his past. The way his life and that of his father’s just happens to be associated with Oscorp. In this movie, we were teased with the idea that Mary Jane Watson is gonna show up. So far, no news. Let’s talk about the villains then. 
We have Electro, Rhino and Spidey’s arch-nemesis (I know arch-nemesis, why does it always have to be arched, can’t it ever be slanted) Green Goblin.
Electro: This is the new avatar of Electro (Jamie Foxx). He is known for generating electricity, hook him up to a transformer and you can game all year long. In fact, I guess he can even charge that phone you are using. The best part about the previous versions is that, they could just be short-circuited by even a small quantity of water. Not anymore, he has gained an edge, a glowing skin and also the ability to speak in very crispy tones, rather like voice modulator with speaker issues. Spider-man has to move faster, and think even faster. Otherwise, how do you hit living lightening? This guy makes the Lizard look like, well, a cold-blooded reptile on your wall. Should be fun to watch Spidey find a way to bring Electro to Earth (Get it? Get it? Got it? Good!)
Rhino: You saw the big guy in the suit? That’s Rhino (Paul Giamatti). A slightly slow bad guy who found a really expensive armored suit. His strength has been increased, his durability has increased and his rage as well. Unfortunately, his intelligence hasn’t. Basically all brawn, no brain. Spidey has to make sure he stays out of range of the Rhino and his charge. Spider-man has to find a way to blunt Rhino’s horn.
Green Goblin: Not really mentioned by name in this particular trailer, he is Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan). Son of Norman Osborn, he is the heir-apparent to the Oscorp money and fame. The best part of the Green Goblin is that he is the guy who is considered to be the one thing that Peter Parker fears, a friend who is now after him. The anti-thesis to the Spidey attributes. A menace. An evil genius. An all-round baddie. Basically, a shrink’s (psychiatrist’s) dream patient. With daddy issues and envy and latent psychopathic behavior, he makes for a fun character to watch.
Right now, Peter Parker is just another teenager, with a girlfriend, and normal problems. And the ability to swing from buildings to avoid traffic. He stops baddies from terrorizing little old ladies too… sweet boy. The trailer teases us with the idea that in this movie, we will get to see Spider-man take on not one, not two, but three super villains. And he might have to still turn in his calculus homework the next day without fail. 
The next installment of Amazing Spider-man seems to an epic journey of webs, girl problems, spandex riding-up issues and bad guys. Take a moment. Watch the video. Tell us what you think:

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