Fashion statements change, we stop buying our favorite brands but we never stop following our superstars. I have 5 pairs of aviators till date, why? No, I don’t have sensitive eyes, it is just because Salman has worn all those five kinds in his movies. The point here, is not to tell you that I can afford expensive stuff but the fact that people do follow their favorite actors and superstars.

When in a film, a hero stalks a girl and ends up getting the girl, that sends out a disgraceful message to the fans and public- "if a girl says ‘no’, it means ‘yes’." It’s not romance to force oneself on another, it’s not love when it is obsessive. Bollywood films have often had characters make statements like "Ladki ki ‘na’ matlab ‘haan’" and had them proudly stalk their lady loves. And yes, it has influenced a huge number of people.

There are a lot of movies with famous stalker-lovers, some of the really famous ones are:

Darr - BookMyShow
The SRK classic that pushed him into mainstream Bollywood, was about Rahul, an obsessed one-sided lover who had life-sized posters of Juhi Chawla on his walls just to practice pick-up lines like "Tu haan kar ya na kar, tu hai meri, k-k-k-k-kiran".

Tere Naam
Tere Naam - BookMyShow
The Bhai-watgeeta of Bhai lovers, had Salman Khan playing Radhe Bhaiya, a badass lover. Determined to have Nirjala (Bhumika Chawla) as his lady love and wife, he ends up in a weird mental asylum.

Deewangee - BookMyShow
Ajay Devgn suffers from a fake split personality disorder and mistakes Sargam’s (Urmila Matondkar) friendly behavior as love. A common misunderstanding that converts into a creepy story.

Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin
Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin - BookMyShow
Another story of a friend-zoned lover. Aamir who plays Ajay, falls in love with Anita played by Madhuri Dixit. Anita gets engaged to Vikram but Ajay believes she still loves him and prepares for his marriage with her. Now, Anita must do something to sort this out.

Raanjhanaa - BookMyShow
One of the most recent and successful stalker stories in which Kundan (Dhanush) falls in love with Zoya (Sonam Kapoor) and stalks her all around Varanasi. And not only this, he makes her say ‘yes’ to his proposal by cutting his wrist.

Rehna Hain Tere Dil Mein
Rehna Hain Tere Dil Mein - BookMyShow
RHTDM is considered as one true love story. All we need to ignore here is the fact that Maddy (R. Madhavan) pretends to be the unseen fiancee of Reena (Dia Mirza) and spends a week with her. And when she gets to know the truth, he expects her to still love him and sings ‘Sach Keh Raha Hai Deewana’ on the road.

Sholay - BookMyShow
‘Why Sholay?’, you must be thinking. Well, becoming the voice of God from the back of a temple and trying to get "touchy", and threatening suicide by jumping off the water tank counts as creepy.

Just think for a while, what message is our society taking from these movies?
Keep thinking- it’s time for the love of my life to walk back home, and I must go and follow him till there!