Review: The opening scene of the movie starts with Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) doing what he does best – getting himself into trouble. J.J.Abrams spares no time in showcasing the character outlines with ease and perfection, much to the delight of Star Trek fanatics.
Post the success of the Star Trek movie in 2009, a sequel was bound to come our way. What was left to see was if this sequel would stand up to expectations of one, Star Trek fanatics and the other sci-fi movie lovers. Fortunately, it does stand up to expectations.
Starfleet is shattered by John Harrison (the impeccable Benedict Cumberbatch) and Kirk is sent on a mission to eliminate Harrison (Yes, on the USS Enterprise NCC – 1701). This is where things go haywire and stakes are raised. This even includes entering Klingon territory.
The relationships between the characters in the movie is well-showcased. The relationship between Captain Kirk and Spock (Zachary Quinto) is the definitely the best of them all. Abrams does a brilliant job and nails the balance between the Kirk and Spock. Then there is a mushy-romance yet strained relationship between Spock and Uhuru (Zoe Saldana) which was quite nice to watch.
Character-wise, everyone has played their role to perfection. Scotty (Simon Pegg) played his role of Science officer with utmost brilliance. We don’t get to see much of Bones (Karl Urban) in the movie but whatever is shown is quite melodramatic (and I don’t mean it in a bad way). Chris Pine mixes charm, bravery and guts with ease while Quinto does an equally brilliant job. Brilliant, however, would be an understatement for Benedict Cumberbatch.
The movie is filled with twists and turns (in the typical Abrams’ way). Some of these twists and turns will leave the audience with their jaws wide open. The action sequences are brilliant, the visuals are spectacular and the overall story is quite solid. Yes, there are times when you may feel that the movie follows a Bollywood-esque format but it’s Star Trek, nonetheless. For people who have watched Abrams’ stuff before (Fringe, Lost and the likes) know for a fact that he has a knack for slightly messing up at the end. Star Trek was no different. The last 20 minutes of the movie could’ve been better but at the end of it all it will leave most of the audience satisfied.
Trekkies will love this movie. J.J.Abrams has not messed with the essence of Star Trek and has kept the franchise intact (Gene Roddenberry shall be proud). Also, there is one scene in the movie that will make every Trekkie smile like never before (watch out for that). On the other hand, sci-fi lovers will also not be disappointed. Overall, the movie is fine watch.

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