How bad is your day going? Did you wake up and struggle to peel your eyes open? Is the warm bed just beckoning you back? Are you stuck in office right now and just surfing the internet? Those are an awful lot questions, but you get my point. There are things that we do everyday, for the weekend. But sometimes there are moments when we wish that we had some extraordinary powers. Imagine a day where you have all the powers from the Star Wars universe. What would that be like? You could be a God, or at least be mischievous at work. Here are a few powers that wouldn’t go amiss at the office. 

1. Force Push/Pull:


A Jedi or Sith can use the Force to attract and repel certain things. In fact, if you are really gifted, you can use telekinesis. Yup, ladies and germs, the ability to lift things. Now, use the Force Push/Pull whenever you need to reach for that light switch or that high shelf where the cookies are hidden. You can also use this power to push yourself away from the conference table.

2. Jedi Mind Trick:

For this one, you’ve gotta be a Jedi. A good guy, a nice guy or girl. Not prone to evil or anger. Sometimes you have that dreaded meeting, where a bamboo has been launched and targets haven’t been acquired yet. This Mind Trick is useful then, just remember to wave your hand in front of the bamboo launcher and repeat these words, “These are not the droids you are looking for.” While this is happening, walk slowly out of the door and run for the hills. 

3. Force Choke

If you are Sith, you’ve got two things going for you – One, you can dress up in black and carry a red lightsaber and two, you have access to the dark side. With the dark side come unbelievable powers. Like the Force Choke. Just don’t use this on the people in office, HR might have something to say about it. Unless you are in HR. Then you are already Sith and you can choke away. Remember to say “You have failed me for the last time.” 

4. Force Lightning

Now that you have decided to be a Sith for the day, the next power you can play around with is Force Lightning. This is a fun power to have. If you are stuck in a boring meeting and need to get out, just a few sparks at someone’s backside are enough to put a pep in their step and an arrhythmia in their heart. You can also try using the Force Lightning as a cool party trick. Nothing like shooting lightning bolts from your hands to brighten up a shindig. 

5. Force Speed

This power is a good one. You can use it everytime you have to rush to the washroom and you see someone else heading there. Or use it whenever there is free cake being distributed. Get there first and beat the rush, quite literally. You can also use it to duck out of office without being seen. Useful when you have to avoid last minute work. 

There you go, a list of Force powers that would be amazing if we had them. Leave us a message and tell us what power you would like and why. Till then, May the Force be with you!

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