Salman Khan may have been the controversy king of Bollywood because of his whims, his philanthropy or the court cases but we all know the gold-hearted boy that he is. Salman has always made his presence felt in one way or the other and lent his support to the commoners as much as to the Bollywood newbies. However, his recent interview with KJo (Karan Johar) on Koffee With Karan Season 4 made our Bollywood Rambo the controversy baby. The candid interview, that it was, got us huge chunks of gossip on which we have been feasting for a while now. Be it the memes or Salman-Katrina images or the forward SMSes, we have seen how the public has reacted to the statement which came straight from the horse’s mouth – ‘I am virgin‘. 

Whoa! That was something. A shocker, probably.

The statement simply marked the expedited take off of KJo’s much-talked about chat show Koffee with Karan’s Season 4. Now that the controversy has unleashed in the darkest of shades, let’s take a look at Bollywood’s most-gossiped about celebs who can possibly hype the publicity only by gracing the show with their presence.

Sherlyn Chopra

Chopra possibly can be accompanied by Sunny Leone and the chat might beat around the bush as the two starlets might want to dodge the questions related to their upcoming films. However, Kjo will hardly let them make a move before they answer :

Kamasutra 3D and how Sherlyn will change its dimensions.

Ragini MMS2 and how it is same’ol thing for Sunny Leone.

Sachin Tendulkar

Being an ardent Sachin fan you too would have cried bucket full of tears on his retirement much like I did. (Well, almost a bucket or perhaps a hankerchief or two) But having him as a guest on the show shall reveal how many ads he is likely to do post retirement and mayhap a film as well. It’d be good to see masterblaster score a 100 on 70 mm as well, won’t it?

Aradhya Bachchan

This babe can give competition to any bollywood celeb and can win the race hands down. She has been making news for quiet sometime. Possibly we can get a Live performance out of her as she celebrates her Dadu’s birthday once again.

Shahid Kapoor

The Kapoor boy returned to the big screen after a hiatus of over 9 months. The sabbatical was worth the wait as the star grabbed a film after all and the one with Rajkumar Santoshi. Although it tanked at the box-office, Kapoor atleast has one more film on his resume which will definitely help him fend for himself. And then there is a twin of Phata Poster Nikala Hero directed by Prabhu Deva “R…Rajkumar”. Kapoor can perhaps shed some light on his obession with whacky dance moves and whacky films whilst on the couch!

Tanisha Mukherjee

Her entry might perchance lead to the show shutting shop as Devgn might intervene saying he wouldn’t wish to work with Johar ever (without considering if Johar wishes to work with him at all). But Johar will surely get some scoop out of this lady. And then the second guest of the show will come for free. There are no brownie points to guess who this guest will be…’cause sooner or later you will get it right!

Although this piece of writing might be a product of procastination, it will definitely be worth the wait to see who amongst the above celebs make it to the couch and into the heart of Kontroversy.


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