Joining the likes of 2012, Earthstorm and Flood, is Into the Storm, a look at destruction of epic proportions.

Into the Storm, based in the town of Silverton, follows a number of different characters as they try to understand and escape the super-storm. It follows three storylines that coincide due to the calamity. A principal and his strained relations with his sons. A group of storm trackers out to capture the disaster on camera. A bunch of daredevils angling for YouTube hits by filming the storm.

However, each one of these characters are taken by surprise at just how powerful the storm is. The film chronicles their attempt to save themselves, their families and their friends. Will Mother Nature spare them? Or will they be victims of the storm too?

Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies deliver notable performances. It’s easy to like and relate to them as they go about saving their respective families. The members of the supporting cast also deserve recognition for their work. Though they have little screen-time, each actor does his/her best to make it worthwhile.

That said, the storm really is the star of the film. It’s hard to take your eyes off the screen when disaster strikes and destruction ensues. The CGI is well done, although nothing to write home about. It’s fun to watch and many scenes are a downright visual treat.

Another one of the movie’s highlights is the fact that it looks at human emotions in a realistic way. Most of the characters do not want to be heroes or save the human population. No, they just want to make it out alive with their loved ones. Of course, this doesn’t exempt them from acts of kindness and courage. However, this realistic take is refreshing to watch in a disaster film.

Unfortunately, the storm gets very little focus in the film, leaving viewers disappointed. In fact, the chaos doesn’t even begin until a third of the film is already over. The calm before the storm lasts way too long for Into the Storm to have the desired effect.

To make matters worse, some scenes border on laughable. Though the film isn’t supposed to be realistic, it’s hard to take it seriously because of how absurd things get at times.

Moreover, there are too many characters in the film. It’s worth noting that each of the cast members do their best, but their screen-time is far too little to make a lasting impression.

All things considered, Into the Storm is a movie you might enjoy watching if you like other films about disaster or catastrophe. It does take a little too long for the action to kick in, but once it does, it’s a helluva ride!

Why should you watch this film?
Into the Storm is the film for everyone who enjoys end-of-the-world movies. The visuals are noteworthy, albeit criminally underused. Additionally, Into the Storm tries to do something unconventional with a tried-and-tested premise and succeeds to an extent.

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