Action movie lovers will be presented again by Stratton, an action thriller movie directed by Simon West. Starring by some handsome men like Dominic Cooper, Austin Stowell, Tyler Hoechlin, and Tom Felton, the film is adapted from a novel series by Duncan Falconer.

Stratton (Dominic Cooper), a Special Boat Service agent for MI6, and his partner, Marty (Tyler Hoechlin), investigated a laboratory complex in Iran to steal dangerous biochemical weapons. This complex mission ended in chaos with Marty dead. When he returned to the headquarters, Stratton was called by the head of MI6. He received intelligence reports that a former Soviet agent, Barovski (Thomas Kretschmann) has defected. Previously, Barovski was suspected to have been dead for 20 years. He actually plans to use the dangerous chemical weapons that he stole from his former boss to revenge.

In order to pursue Barovski, Stratton and his team, including Hank (Austin Stowell), a member of the US Navy and a former student of Marty, go to the city of Rome. Hank is filled with hatred against Marty's killers and ends up losing control and Barovski escapes from their quarry.

Stratton and Hank track down the people who make biological weapons and force them to reveal everything they know. Then, they are betrayed by Cummings (Tom Felton) who turns out to be allied with Barovski and outwits Stratton and his team. They also fail again in the mission and catching Barovski becomes even more difficult. However, Stratton and his team are not the kinds of people who give up easily. They are trained to deal with all the worst. Are they able to catch Barovski?

As an action thriller movie, it lacks both elements, especially thriller. Stratton has a weak background on his characters for a novel adaptation movie. In fact, the main character, Stratton has no detailed background of where he came from and why he became a special force agent.

Produced by a director who has handled class action films like he Expendables 2 and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Stratton seems very far from the expectations of action movie lovers with weak characters and storylines. In addition, there is one more thing that is slightly annoying, the accent of Danish actress Connie Nielsen who plays as Summer doesn’t fit in with this British movie.
Although it takes place in Rome, Italy, Stratton doesn’t you take to the beautiful corners there. However, the action of Dominic Cooper as Stratton provide a fresh breath of air from all the shortcomings of this film.

If you want to watch a light action movie, Stratton is one of the action movie options that are quite entertaining. Not too much blood and cruel action in it, making it perfect for those who want some light entertainment. 

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