They are the worst heroes ever! Yet, it feels good to be bad. Confused? Well, for those who have not grown up on a steady diet of DC Comics, we are talking about the super villains – The Suicide Squad. We have seen superheroes, teaming up to fight evil, But, what happens when super villains team up (so what, if forcefully!) and asked to the work of heroes? This is what our Suicide Squad is up to.

Ever since the announcement of this David Ayer directed film was out, there's a lot of excitement amongst the fans. Before the movie hits the theatre this Friday, here's a quick cheat sheet to know more about the film!

1. Who's in the Squad?
Deadshot – Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot, played by Will Smith is a character who walks the fine line between a hero and villain.

Joker – You are living under a rock, if you don't know who the Joker is. Jared Leto plays the Crown Prince of Crime, the Joker!

Harley Quinn – A psychiatrist-turned- villain, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) proves that people go mad in love. She fell in love with Joker and then everything changed for her!

Enchantress – Played by Cara Develingne, Enchantress is a sorceress in the squad who was accidentally transformed from a human to an evil sorceress.

Rick Flag – He is the only “good guy” in the squad who is charged with leading the team of super villains.

Boomerang – One of the most villainous characters of all, Boomerang (Jai Courtney) got his name from the weapon of his choice called Boomerang.

Katana – Just know one thing about this character, she likes to kill people with – Katana sword!

Killer Croc – Just like his name, this character, played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, looks like a crocodile, who “just wants to be loved”

2. What Are they Up to?
The Suicide Squad is a secret team of super villains who have been prisoned by the United States govt. They have been assigned a mission to help the govt in exchange for amnesty. You either succeed, or die trying it 

3. What is Batman doing in the film?
If rumours are to be believed, Batman will make an appearance in the Suicide Squad. All this started when Ben Affleck was spotted on the set of the film last year. So, be prepared for a sweet surprise.

4. Who is David Ayer?
After enthralling the viewers with his action-packed films, Street Kings, Sabotage, Fury and End of Watch, David Ayer has written and directed this DC comics film Suicide Squad.

That's it! Now, you are all set for this much-awaited Warner Bros. film, Suicide Squad. Catch the film, in the theatre near you this Friday!