Sulemani Keeda means "a bug so big that it's a pain in the ass." Or at least that's how writer-director Amit V. Masurkar describes his film's title. Sulemani Keeda is about two writers desperately trying to break into Bollywood. Dulal, played by Naveen Kasturia, is comically solemn and angst-ridden. Mainak, played by Mayank Tewari, is a hustler who will do what it takes to sell a script. He pitches a film to director Anil Sharma, who is playing himself here, as "a mix of LSD and Hukumat with shades of Dev.D and costumes like Gadar." That's a film I want to see. Together Dulal and Mainak negotiate the mean streets of Andheri, struggling with rejection, heart-ache, nepotism and Gonzo – a painfully pretentious producer's son who wants to launch himself as a hero in a Tarkovsky-style movie with no story but full frontal nudity and, as he puts it, lust-less, angry, dark orgies.

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