Only a few months old in B-town, Sunny Leone has become one of the topmost game changers in the country’s entertainment arena. She made many heads turn with her grand Bollywood entry (we know what you’re thinking, but this one’s a genuine sentiment :D). Leone is that aspect in a man’s life which is as hot as melting chocolate syrup, as blissful as the warmth of a blanket in freezing weather, and as wanting as the… ummm… I’d rather not say! Every man’s fantasy and every filmmaker’s dream come true – Sunny Leone swapped her career path for the best. Had this move happened a few years ago, perhaps, the audience wouldn’t have had to endure some really gruesome films. Gruesome, for they brutally murdered the cinephile in us! But when the need to break away from all the boredom and monotony arises, we are forced to bear these films. And perhaps, the only way to survive the fate is procrastinate.

Procrastinate. Imagine. Dream. Live the reverie with Leone!
Had Sunny (Leone) starred in a few of these bad (or choose your own adjective) films, their fate would probably have been much different from what became of them. This bombshell’s Midas ‘touch’ to the films would have been more than just a welcome change for the filmmakers as well as the actors. 
Here we list a few films from the past decade that Sunny Leone should have been a part of that would have changed the life course for many actors and filmmakers: 
Aag: As eccentric as she is, Sunny sans clothes is just too mainstream. What if she had been Durga Devi, the widow in RGV ki Aag? Seen in a white ensemble, putting out the lamps at night… By God, aag lag jaati! Or, had she been the lovely gypsy girl in Mehbooba, the film could have cashed on the item song and atleast recovered its production cost, if not the profits.

Jaani Dushman: Had Sunny Leone starred in this film, we would have had two Sunnys steaming the screen with their hotness – Deol meets Leone would be more like a “Sunny” side up! Adding to that, Leone’s lithe moves would have complimented the theme of the film – the reincarnation of a snake’s soul into the body of a inexplicably beautiful and hot woman."Bhai, kya acting ki hai nagin ki""Bhai, kya acting ki hai nagin ki" – would have been an oft-repeated dialogue of every person who watched the film. All this, owing to the intensity & dedication with which Leone’s supple moves would have mesmerized the audience. Armaan Kohli, our dearest villain, would have so been in awe of the actress that he would have pantomimed his act. (Neither Kohli nor the rest of the star cast, for the list is too long!) Inspite of being a “blah” topic, the film would have had its “hot” moments, thanks to the effect of the Sunnys!

Aiyyaa: If the film had been cast differently, when an actress with the caliber of Rani Mukerji had not been a part of the film, and Sunny had instead been the chosen one, Aiyyaa could have cashed in on all those raunchy item numbers. It would have been a joyous moment for the fans of Prithviraj too. The South superstar would have had dialogues to mouth. The talented actor that he is, he hardly got to speak anything. If there had been an alternate casting, he would have ranted his part even if it wasn’t a part of the script. While the audience would have clapped saying, "Bhai, kaisi jeebh laplapayiii…!" 

Love Story 2050: Perhaps, the lovely heroine could have become the savior of the “future” (pun intended) but then… honi ko koi tal sakta hai bhala! If Sunny had played the lead, she would have worked as a catalyst to get her co-stars to outperform (if you know what we mean)! If Sunny had been the lead, perhaps, Priyanka would have retained her relationship with Harman. And perhaps, Harman would have retained his status of being the Greek God duplicate. Again, honi ko kaun tal sakta hai… 

Neal N NikkiThis film scarred one too many minds for the romantic story that this was! But we strongly believe that the film would have been a lot more bearable if Sunny had been the lead instead of squeaky Tanissha. The focus would have shifted entirely from Uday Chopra’s face to the lady sharing screen space. But alas, that never happened. 

But we believe in keeping faith and having hope… So more power to a chance of an alternate casting in our films. 

Let us know your thoughts too…

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