Just a while back, we had two things that united India – Cricket and Bollywood, but I think we have now made way for a third and what else could it be besides the most-talked about celebrity (or craze) – Sunny Leone! This 33 year-old diva has taken not just Bollywood, but the country by storm. She has given all the Miss India’s and Miss World’s who entered this industry a run for their money. The truth is – You can love her, hate her but you can’t ignore her. No wonder she was the most-searched celebrity online in 2013.
She has a beeline of opportunities coming her way – films, item songs, brand endorsements, just name it and she’s got it going. She has become the hit mantra for any undertaking. And boy! Does she know how to make news! When you read her interviews, it’s like talking to a marketing guru. This sultry actress has become the face of what we may call the acceptance of the adult industry in India. Something like what Vir Das attempted with his stand-up comedy and what Honey Singh aced with his music – only, better. 



Take a look at her Instragram account (not that you haven’t already) and you will see a million selfies of this gorgeous girl who is nothing short of perfection. Mesmerizing eyes, flawless skin and those red lips are a cherry on top. To add to her appeal, this adult artist–turned-Bollywood actor oozes with confidence, by no means apologetic for who she is. Then again, should she be? She is living a fantasy, or more like is the fantasy of every man/boy in the country today.
We now eagerly await her upcoming release at the box office (Ragini MMS 2) which is completely pegged on this bombshell’s oomph factor. It will be interesting to see what the soap opera queen of the country (Ekta Kapoor) and the sex symbol of the nation create when they get together. One thing we know even before the movie hits the big screen is that you will have youngsters running to the theatres, underage boys resorting to whatever it takes to catch this one and the older or more respected audience waiting to sneakily watch it in the comfort of their bedrooms. After all, you’re never too old (or young) to play with this baby doll, right?

By Krusha Sahjwani

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